Wednesday, November 12, 2008


If you're a nestie, you've probably already read this... sorry for the unoriginality!

All is good. Had just a few little ctrx, not enough to bother with more Terb. The nurse checked me again and I'm a full 2cm, but she didn't sound like it was anything more to be concerned about than the 1-2 cm on Monday. (Meaning it doesn't appear that I'm "progressing" or anything). Everything else was the same as Monday.

I spoke to a different nurse at the end and asked her what would happen if I would go into actual labor and she said that if it's before 35 weeks and there's time to get me to Children's Hospital (about 45 mins away) that's where I'll go to deliver, otherwise I'll have to deliver here and they'll take the baby to Childrens... or worse, if there are no beds available thee, they'll have to call other Columbus hospitals. Not that there's anything wrong with the others, but it is a little unsettling imagining them trying to find a "spot" for my potentially sick baby any old place that has room. I can't imagine having to be separated, regardless. But she did tell me she didn't think I would make it to Jan. 5th bc they don't see too many 32 weekers at 2 cm. I guess I expected that.

Right now I'm just waiting to hear from my doctor (whose office of course closes at noon on Wednesdays) about whether I'm supposed to keep working this week, take off until 35 weeks or just keep at it until something more happens. I'll do whatever she wants me to do.


buckeyebabe99 said...

Oh girlie - you're killing me!! I'm in Atlanta and haven't been on all day. Lots of (((hugs))). I'm thinking about you.

For what it's worth, I'm delivering at Riverside as I'm considered high-risk. They have a level 3 NICU and is considered one of the best in the city. And this after I had my heart set on St. Ann's. So if you need a choice in C-bus, all of the nurses and docs I've talked to say Riverside is the best of all choices.

Rebecca said...

Good luck! Everything will work out as it's meant to. I'm sending healthy stay-put vibes your way. Peace, Becky

Jennifer said...

Yay for no progression!

Nine said...

I'm glad you haven't progressed anymore and I'm thinking about you and little beansie. I'm hoping everything works out and she stays bakin' for a little longer! ((hugs))

Kristi said...

Oh jeepers, I am praying so hard for you all!! Stay put Little Beansie!!


Baby and Me said...

Oye Vie! I will be rooting for you! Get lots of rest if you can!

Lynda said...

hope beansies stays in there a bit longer! she needs to grow some more for mommy!

hugs to you!