Monday, August 31, 2009

It took Lilly 3 months to learn that the Fisher Price swing wasn't so bad. Even then, she was very particular about when she would let us put her in it and she made it known if we made a mistake in our timing. Therefore, I have only 1 picture of her in the swing. She seemed gigantic to me at the time.

Little did I know my 8 month old would discover the swing stored away in the loft 5 months later and find it more fun than barrel of monkeys! Perhaps she was not so gigantic at 3 months old after all!

Signs that your infant is too big for the swing:

1. The entire frame sinks a good half inch into the carpet when you place her in the seat. (But mom giggles in delight at how excited she is to have reunited with her long lost friend.)

2. She reaches out and grabs the frame, pulls herself to a complete stop and hangs suspended in mid-air laughing. (And mom laughs in amazement, encouraging the monkey business.)

3. She finally notices and is interested in the non-moving, non-singing, non-flashing, and previously worthless mobile and attempts standing in the swing to reach it. (I am not kidding.)

4. Her head extends above the back of the seat. And her feet are larger than every other child's feet in the entire nursery, but she's able to use those feet to kick frantically, coming in handy for #'s 5 and 6.

5. The swing stops... swinging, while the motor keeps grinding away, trying its best to move.

6. The batteries eventually give out, leaving her, at first, embarrassed

and then impatient

and, in the end, a little let down.

After the swing pooped out on us, we practiced standing

Is this not Matt's child?!?!?

And, as an added bonus, she laughed so hard I was finally able to snap not one, but TWO pictures of her EIGHT pearly whites!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Lilly's grandparents (Matt's Mom and Dad) took Lilly home with them Friday morning. I worked late Thursday night, so minus about 15 minutes on Friday morning, I haven't had any quality time with my baby since Wednesday.

I miss her so much! I looked through the pictures on my blog and got a little choked up. I can't wait munch on those cheeks and listen to her giggle tomorrow. I hope she is having fun with Grandma and Grandpa, but I hope she hasn't forgotten who her mama is!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Lilly and I spent the morning at the park today. We had lots of fun swinging together (until Mommy's stomach couldn't take it any longer), swinging solo, playing on the blanket, exploring all the big kid equipment, and watching the other children play. If it was up to Lilly, she would have 10 big brothers and sisters to keep her entertained 24/7:)

Mom, I don't think this is meant for babies. But I'll chew on it until you figure it out.

Now this is more like it!

Where has this been all my life?

No seriously, where?

"I can't be funny all the time."

"OK, I'm ready again."

"I'm flyyying!"

"I told you not so high, Mama."

"Dear Jesus, please bring me lots of brothers and sisters like THOSE GUYS!"

"I'm spent."

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Guess what I discovered last night?


They've all come in pairs, so even though I didn't see the match poking through yet, I'm certain it's right around the corner. This will make #7 and #8! I think it's true what they say about the first couple teeth being the worst and then babies kind of get used to the pain because she's been acting perfectly fine. I think I recall a day where she had a red cheek and her nose has been runny, but I think she had a cold, so who knows?!

And since my video files are always too large to upload, here are some action shots of Lilly's attempts at crawling. She eventually got stuck under the chair and Daddy had to rescue her, bringing the fun to a screeching (and I do mean screeching) hault!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


This morning we continued our new Saturday morning tradition of going out to breakfast and drove to Laurelville, about 25 minutes away, to a cute little restaurant with a wrap-around deck. It was a cool morning and the sun was shining... perfect weather! It feels like football season already!

Lilly was so much fun. She took turns sitting on our laps, grabbing everything off the table and even plunked her hand into my coffee. I about died, but she acted like nothing ever happened! When breakfast came, she played happily in the high chair, munching on Mum Mums, toast and potatoes. It's funny how at home I'm so worried about her choking and I overanalyze everything I give her to eat. But when we're out and about I'll give her anything. And she does fine!

We just got around to her 8 month pics today. Here are some cuties!

Friday, August 21, 2009


It's been a while! After a string of bad luck (my D&C, all 3 of us getting the stomach flu, Lilly re-getting the stomach flu), travelling all over Ohio (Lisa's baby shower, Lilly's Pediatric Ophthamologist appt. at Children's), shopping for (and purchasing!) Matt's new truck, and having visitors (Lisa who thankfully did not get the flu, my Mom who did get the flu, Matt's mom who did not get the flu, and my mom again who ate a bad tuna sub from Subway (ah!), there has been ZERO time for blogging.

But that means I have so much to update! The most exciting (in my opinion) is that the other night I had Lilly in the bath tub and she reached up to me and said "Mom". Yes, I melted. She's been saying "Mama" when she cries (er, screams) but I wasn't sure if it was intentional or she was just really mad and making noises, but this sealed the deal:) It's not like I've been repeating "mom" in the mirror in slow, exaggerated movements for the last 8 months. That would be a little much. Yes, indeed. I would never do that. She's purely genious, really.

Her eyes are good! No strabismus. But the squirt will probably need glasses around Kindergarten. Totally unrelated. Strange, too, considering Matt and I both have good eyes in our families. Proof again that Lilly is quite the individual!

Her hair is getting thick, long and blonde! It can hold hairbows like a champ and thankfully she doesn't realize they're there yet so she doesn't pull them out. Yet. Unfortunately the older babies in the nursery do so they often end up in her cubby within 10 minutes of arriving to school. But they're too darn cute to leave in her drawer at home!

Her teeth are... huge... and there are still 6 of them. She likes to bite her grandmother and me as she nuzzles into our necks and nap time. I always forget and get sappy thinking she wants to cuddle and then, YOWZA!

She still doesn't enjoy eating all that much. She's come to like pears and now prunes (after a long 6 days of not pooping properly), but not prune juice and not Gerber cheetohs.

We had our first successful high chair meal in a restaurant. She had a great time munching on straws, Mum Mums, Gerber wheels, and paper. That same day she let us haul her around to the hospital, Kohls, the mall and 3 car dealerships. It was a rare day that we all enjoyed very much!

She can recite the alphabet. Backwards. In Spanish!

Alright, enough bragging about my prodigy offspring. She really is a delight and Matt and I are really enjoying these older months. Matt especially loves this age because he can finally throw her in the air, tip her upside down, wrestle and tickle and all that other fun Daddy stuff. Lilly loves it-- the rougher the better when it's play time with Dad!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Lilly's special Aunt Katie sent her a package yesterday! Even though she was fighting through a nasty stomach bug, she had lots of fun tearing into the package and playing with the adorable contents. Aunt Katie sure is loved in our house:)

Are those not the most scrumptious roly poly arms you've ever seen or what???

And if you feel so inclined to support Katie as she and her hubby participate in Race for the Family, go here to do so. You can also make a $25 donation and win her a free IVF cycle! How cool would that be?

I've told you this before on my blog, but just for kicks and because we love Katie in our house (have I mentioned we love Katie?) you should know that she is one amazing woman with a superb talent for knitting adorable hats, socks, blankets and the like for babies and mommies who haven't had the easiest ride. Remember the adorable sweet pea hat? All Katie!