Sunday, November 29, 2009


It's a good thing Lilly didn't get her Mama's weak stomach!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I can't post much tonight as the migraine/nausea cocktail are getting the best of me, but I wanted to share this funny picture of Lilly. We normally travel at night so she can sleep through the drive, but we decided to try the 3-hour drive home during the day this afternoon. She did fairly well, but got pretty antsy during the last hour. Not able to help her much without feeling sick and making my head hurt, Matt and I kept handing her pretzels and banana cookies to keep her occupied. We couldn't actually see what was going on in her carseat until we got home and I pulled this little goober out of the backseat.

Needless to say, tonight was a bath night!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Lilly boo is 11 months old! Today I ran into our 2 favorite nurses from the Birth Center while shopping. And how cute that they were shopping together?! I can't believe that it was almost 1 year ago that I was in the hospital with this little munchkin!


Lots of pictures to share!

Last weekend, my sister-in-law and nephew drove 6 hours to visit. Owen and Lilly are birthday twin cuzzies. Owen is a walking man, so it was fun to see what we have to look forward to, plus he is SOOOO cute! When he smiles, every inch of his face smiles. My mom also came down so she was able to spend time with both of her grandchildren at the same time! We all live far apart, so that's not easy. We took the kids to Cosi and met my brother for the afternoon. We also had their pictures taken together by Lori. And Suzanne and I got to go shopping and out to lunch ALONE!!!

All packed up and ready to go! Lilly's not so sure about her backseat companion.

Uncle Mike-Mo came!

Lilly's drivin' the helicopter. Uncle Mike looks scared.

Grandma showed up with cars for the kiddos. What a cool Grandma!

"And then she was like 'no way' and then he was all 'way'."

Move over little lady, cars are for men.

Let us out of here!!

It's probably best that we didn't have twins:)

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Last night Matt and I had the privalege of spending the night at an indoor waterpark about an hour away. His mom and dad wanted to spend a little time with Lilly and I really think they have more fun with her when I'm not around making "suggestions" or stealing their time!

The water park is definitely more for kids and families, but it does have some pretty high water slides that scared even the mightiest of men (cough, cough, Matt). I am terrified of water slides, especially the enclosed ones and ESPECIALLY the the DARK, enclosed ones. But I figured I could float along the lazy river all evening if anything.

The hotel is very nice and, truth be told, I could have slept in the parking lot in my car if it meant waking up on my own terms!

We had SO much fun. We played like little kids (creepy, pale little kids who had to huff and puff up the steps to the big water slides while the REAL little kids scurried past like it was nothing). We climbed the nets, stood in the sprayers, got water up our noses, pushed each other into the cold water spouts... and then plopped ourselves in the adults-only hot tub when we needed a break from real kiddos.

After warming up on the little water slides (they were so little that I had to ask if we were allowed on them! Lucky for us, the place was pretty empty, and once it got more crowded I left that for the kids.) we headed to the big slides. I could not stop laughing going down the first one. I felt like Lilly in a giggling fit. After the first, I loved it.

I will confess though, the biggest slide requires a tube, so Matt and I went together on a double tube. It was SO scary that about half way down I came very close to saying a very bad word! Thankfully my "holy" was followed by a "moly". Those tubes tend to... echo.

I slept in until 8, took a long shower without playing peek-a-boo from behind the curtain or singing "My Lilly lies over the ocean, My Lilly lies over the sea" louder and louder and LOUDER each time, and without having to worry if my daughter finally discovered the toilet bowl brush that I've been meaning to put away for the last month.

It was splendid! We planned to stop for breakfast at IHOP on our way home, but a migraine got the best of me and after putting our name on the waiting list, all I wanted to do was pick up some Excedrin and head home.

Lilly was waiting for us in the living room, dressed in a pink Buckeyes sweatsuit when we got home. She had the biggest smile and waved to us, as if to say "Hey, come on in guys!" I can't believe she is days away from turning one year old.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Note to self:

Don't open Lilly's meds with your teeth if you don't want a mouthful of steroids.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tonight I have a sinky feeling in my stomach. I've had several people close to me find themselves in need of prayer and not-so-minor help in the last week, from my co-worker who had surgery after falling off her back porch and crushing her arm to my mother-in-law who passed out twice this morning while walking down the hall in her house. Sprinkled in are an unexpected comment from my doctor today, a little boy at my school who is fighting for his life (this is major, but I don't know him personally), and an addition to Lilly's breathing treatments just when I thought we were on the right track. My co-director's son hasn't been well all week, along with several of our teachers' children.

I think sometimes working within a ministry, especially with children, can be difficult because so many people around you are in need. Financially, physically, emotionally. I love being able to reach out and be the one bright spot that may make a difference in someone's day, but I have to be honest that often it weighs heavily, especially in the middle of the night (or when I need to be focused, like on my drive to work, eh hmm!).

I'm sure a good night's rest and some bedtime prayer will help the heavy, sinky feeling.


One of my favorite projects that our preschool teachers do each year is the "We are thankful for..." bulletin board. Each child fills in their own feather to share what they are thankful for. The answers are always a hoot!

These girlies' mommies will melt when they see their responses:)

What were you thankful for when you were 4 years old?

Friday, November 6, 2009


My precious, delicate-as-a-flower, feminine girly girl daughter created this masterpiece for her mommy tonight:

The pride in those eyes is unbelievable.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Breathing treatments are going great! Contrary to what we were told about the steroids making her jittery and wired, Lilly gets super snuggly and relaxed during and after her treatments.

Did you hear that? SNUGGLY! My daughter, the anti-snuggler, cuddles up to her mama and hangs out in my lap with no struggle for the 10 or so minutes it takes for the meds to vaporize.

When she's done I let her play with the mask and I make it talk to her. Tonight she put the mask up to my face:)

Her babysitter has asthma and told me that when she does a breathing treatment after a particularly tough struggle with breathing, she becomes relaxed and calm because it is so much easier to breathe. I had no idea Lilly was having such a hard time.

I'm thankful the medicine is working (I only heard a couple coughs all night!) and for the snuggle time these treatments are giving me. A couple nights ago I thought this would be a dreadful experience-- instead I look forward to our time together.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Lilly is 10 months old! And a half! And her mom is really behind!

She waves hello and goodbye, bounces to music, says Mom-A (or variations, such as A-Mom, A-Mom-A-Mom, Mum-Mum), Da (Da Da, Dadadadada, ada), pulls up, cruises along furniture, opens cabinets and drawers, walks with her push toy, "sings" along with me in the bathtub, and climbs on EVERYthing (especially us!). In a nutshell, she is really cool! We are having SO much fun with this little monkey. It amazes me how much effort it takes for a baby to do all these things, and yet somehow she can make it during the week on one 20 minute nap a day.

Today I took her to the doctor for more coughing and weezing and we finally think we know what's going on. It's called Reactive Airway Disease, which is basically baby asthma. She's on a nebulizer twice a day for a week and then once a day through the winter. We did her first breathing treatment tonight and it will definitely take some practice. Hopefully as she gets used to it, it won't be such a struggle, but I can't blame her for not wanting a mask on her face with a loud machine buzzing next to us.

I suspected this was coming as every cold turns into a never-ending cough and weezing. We don't have asthma in our families (Matt had it as a baby, but he was a preemie, so there may not be a connection), no smokers, etc. So while I had a gut feeling we were headed in this direction, I'm still a little surprised.

NP said she should grow out of it by age 5. I hope so:(

Here's Miss Personality playing with the itty bitty mask.

Lilly's grandma is very sad about this. As much as I would rather Lilly be 100% healthy, I know she is extremely happy and am thankful that she doesn't have something more serious wrong with her. I'm thankful that our insurance covers almost all of the equipment rental (which is rent-to-own, which I find funny) and the medication, and we are able to do it at home. God does not give us anything we can't handle-- this we can handle:)