Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tonight I have a sinky feeling in my stomach. I've had several people close to me find themselves in need of prayer and not-so-minor help in the last week, from my co-worker who had surgery after falling off her back porch and crushing her arm to my mother-in-law who passed out twice this morning while walking down the hall in her house. Sprinkled in are an unexpected comment from my doctor today, a little boy at my school who is fighting for his life (this is major, but I don't know him personally), and an addition to Lilly's breathing treatments just when I thought we were on the right track. My co-director's son hasn't been well all week, along with several of our teachers' children.

I think sometimes working within a ministry, especially with children, can be difficult because so many people around you are in need. Financially, physically, emotionally. I love being able to reach out and be the one bright spot that may make a difference in someone's day, but I have to be honest that often it weighs heavily, especially in the middle of the night (or when I need to be focused, like on my drive to work, eh hmm!).

I'm sure a good night's rest and some bedtime prayer will help the heavy, sinky feeling.

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Trisha R Jackson said...

((hugs)). There must be a dark cloud over C-bus lately. Our local discussion board has been FILLED with prayer requests.