Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Lilly is 10 months old! And a half! And her mom is really behind!

She waves hello and goodbye, bounces to music, says Mom-A (or variations, such as A-Mom, A-Mom-A-Mom, Mum-Mum), Da (Da Da, Dadadadada, ada), pulls up, cruises along furniture, opens cabinets and drawers, walks with her push toy, "sings" along with me in the bathtub, and climbs on EVERYthing (especially us!). In a nutshell, she is really cool! We are having SO much fun with this little monkey. It amazes me how much effort it takes for a baby to do all these things, and yet somehow she can make it during the week on one 20 minute nap a day.

Today I took her to the doctor for more coughing and weezing and we finally think we know what's going on. It's called Reactive Airway Disease, which is basically baby asthma. She's on a nebulizer twice a day for a week and then once a day through the winter. We did her first breathing treatment tonight and it will definitely take some practice. Hopefully as she gets used to it, it won't be such a struggle, but I can't blame her for not wanting a mask on her face with a loud machine buzzing next to us.

I suspected this was coming as every cold turns into a never-ending cough and weezing. We don't have asthma in our families (Matt had it as a baby, but he was a preemie, so there may not be a connection), no smokers, etc. So while I had a gut feeling we were headed in this direction, I'm still a little surprised.

NP said she should grow out of it by age 5. I hope so:(

Here's Miss Personality playing with the itty bitty mask.

Lilly's grandma is very sad about this. As much as I would rather Lilly be 100% healthy, I know she is extremely happy and am thankful that she doesn't have something more serious wrong with her. I'm thankful that our insurance covers almost all of the equipment rental (which is rent-to-own, which I find funny) and the medication, and we are able to do it at home. God does not give us anything we can't handle-- this we can handle:)


Bryna said...

Your little peanut is adorable... even with her little mask. How happy is she!?!!?!

Bead Up said...

That little bean is just getting cah-uter and cah-uter!!

Michelle said...

She is getting so big!
My twin nephews had to have nebulizer treatments pretty often when they were little (they're 7 now) and they got used to the mask pretty quickly. After a while it didn't bother them at all and they'd just sit there during the treatment with no problem-didn't phase them at all. They're growing out of it, I think its been a couple years since they've needed it. So hopefully Lilly will be the same!

Trisha R Jackson said...

How's she handling the treatments? D hates anything by her face. I have asthma so I hope it doesn't pass down to her!