Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am so happy that I still have readers! Thank you for not giving up on me during me twoish month leave of absence.

One thing that has changed over the last couple months is the level of difficulty we've reached in trying to get a good picture of Lilly. Man, oh, man, is that girl quick! Not only is she fast, but she still loves to play with the camera, so I usually try to sneak in pictures when she's not looking, but then I have a bunch of pictures of her... not looking. Which isn't always so bad, but unless you're a professional, they don't have that artsy phartsy, emotional appeal to them that you're hoping for when you're snapping away. And once Lilly catches me sneaking pictures, the race is on to get her mits on that elusive lens that mommy always manages to zoom shut JUST in the nick of time!

Lilly's Aunt Katie asked for a "good" close-up shot for a small frame, which has its challenges in December (snot, boogers and chapped cheeks, for example!), but determined to make Aunt Katie's day, I spent the afternoon crawling around, following behind Lilly trying to make her laugh by saying things like "No, No, Lilly!" and "Danger!!" I admit I even let her play with an electrical cord for a few minutes because it held her attention and it actually made sense for me to keep shouting "No! Danger! Achtung!" which, in turn, produced the following cute faces.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello? Is anybody out there?

I hope this post will pop up on a few "follow" lists and catch the attention of an old reader or two:) It's been a lonnnnnng time! With Christmas, Lilly's birthday, the new year and a few rounds of illness, my blogging took a toll and I had very little motivation to keep it going. At one point I told Matt I might just give it up since Lilly had "successfully" made it to 1 and he reminded me that this is her baby book and baby books don't end at 1.

So, here I am!

Lilly had a wonderful birthday party with a Winter Onederland theme. She had friends and family pack the living room with love and hubbub. Despite still being a picky eater at the time, she dug into her giant chocolate birthday cupcake and made a great big mess! It was great and I was so happy she wasn't afraid to get her fingers messy.

She is now walking, eating everything in sight, taking just a bedtime bottle, and saying "Mama", "Dada", "BuBa" (that's the dog", and "Dog". She puts her socks on her foot (and by on, I mean on top, not actually ON her foot), points to things, mimics her daddy sticking out her tongue, signs when she's all done and says "Aaa daah" (all done), and today for the very first time ordered a school lunch! She also pooped in the potty a few nights ago! It was a total fluke and my way of preventing a floaty in the bathtub, but hey, the girl did not freak out and continued right along with her business when her tushy hit the porcelain!

Here are a couple pictures from a few weeks ago when Lilly entertained herself with toilet paper while I got ready for work. It was better than anything made by Fisher Price and when she was finished, we just rolled in back up and it was good to go for the next user! (Actually, we left it for Matt to see when he got home for work!)