Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am so happy that I still have readers! Thank you for not giving up on me during me twoish month leave of absence.

One thing that has changed over the last couple months is the level of difficulty we've reached in trying to get a good picture of Lilly. Man, oh, man, is that girl quick! Not only is she fast, but she still loves to play with the camera, so I usually try to sneak in pictures when she's not looking, but then I have a bunch of pictures of her... not looking. Which isn't always so bad, but unless you're a professional, they don't have that artsy phartsy, emotional appeal to them that you're hoping for when you're snapping away. And once Lilly catches me sneaking pictures, the race is on to get her mits on that elusive lens that mommy always manages to zoom shut JUST in the nick of time!

Lilly's Aunt Katie asked for a "good" close-up shot for a small frame, which has its challenges in December (snot, boogers and chapped cheeks, for example!), but determined to make Aunt Katie's day, I spent the afternoon crawling around, following behind Lilly trying to make her laugh by saying things like "No, No, Lilly!" and "Danger!!" I admit I even let her play with an electrical cord for a few minutes because it held her attention and it actually made sense for me to keep shouting "No! Danger! Achtung!" which, in turn, produced the following cute faces.


Ellie said...

Her hair has gotten so blond!

Bryna said...

You can't see the boogers and chapped cheeks at all. Just her posing all her cute lil glory. :)

Nine said...

She's beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Our Life in Pixels said...

I kept checking to see if you updated posts and was worried and hoped everything was ok. Motherhood is very BUSY!! Our Kaity is 17 months old and she always turns her head when we try to take pics, but I get some good ones. :)