Thursday, April 30, 2009


I don't think I've shared what it's like to walk into Lilly's room in the morning. In one word, it's heaven. I usually try to walk in quietly and turn off the white noise machine (which I love, btw) before I say "Good morning, Lilly!" Once she realizes I'm there, she kicks her legs up and smacks them back down on the mattress. She gets so excited, her little arms start flapping at her sides and she takes about a dozen breaths per second. By this time I can't get to her crib fast enough because I know what is waiting for me-- that smile:) I peek over the edge and show her my face and there it is!! The biggest, gummiest smile of the day! I scoop her up and hold her tight, tell her I love her so much and that I missed her all night long. She barely moves, enjoying being cuddled up tight in her mommy's arms. I kiss her chubby cheeks, rub her fuzzy head, and squeeze her tight to make up for the last 12 hours.

That's the best part of my whole day!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Last night as I was going through photos to make a slideshow, I realized how many really BAD, unflattering pictures we have of, well... all of us! Since life has been pretty easy and uneventful lately, I'm treating you all to a blooper reel of our lives. ENJOY!

I feel compelled to explain that these two were taken when Lilly went back into the hospital. The last shower I'd taken was when I was still in the hospital. I had no bra on and was wearing the same hospital-issue mesh panties I'd been wearing the 2 days prior. My nursing tank was covered in God only knows what, which is where the hoodie came into play. I think the tank was actually stuck to my body.

Why men shouldn't be allowed to control the camera.

Again, why men shouldn't be allowed to control the camera.

That was fun! I feel like I just confessed my dirtiest photo secrets. Once I started going back in old files, I realized a Part II will be necessary some day. I only wish I would have saved all the REALLY bad belly pics. There were some doozies:)

Friday, April 24, 2009


Nothing much going on right now, so enjoy these pics of Lil jumping away in the Jumperoo at school. She loves this thing and is content just hanging out in it for as long as her teachers will let her!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Lilly had her 4 month shot on Tuesday and we think she had a reaction to her it (burning up, refusing to eat, crying a cry we've never heard before). When we went to give her Tylenol, she choked, stopped breathing, refluxed the Tylenol, heaved and screamed... you get the idea. Matt thinks in the process of giving her the Tylenol and me bouncing and her flailing, he may have hit the back of her throat with the syringe which added to the whole mess.

At one point he was yelling at me to call 911. It was so scary, guys. I was on the floor telling her to "breathe! breathe!" crying, trying to be calm and soothing... then Matt took her so I could get the number to the hospital which was NOWHERE to be found (we've since written it down and stuck it on the refrigerator)...

The hospital paged her doctor who called us back and calmed us down. She finally went to sleep later that evening and woke up as cheerful as ever yesterday morning.

She's always hated Tylenol, so now that her doctor has approved Ibuprofen, I think we'll switch to it. It's less gritty, not as sweet and lasts longer than Tylenol. Since she is formula fed, she's not used to sweet tastes and I think the Tylenol is just too much for her.

Seeing her face frozen, eyes wide in panic and her body in shock like that was a nightmare. I think knowing that she was choking on liquid vs. something solid was helpful. In the back of my mind I knew she would eventually start breathing again, but I also knew that once she did, she would suck more of the liquid into her throat and keep choking until it was all gone. I'm just thankful she's fine and probably doesn't even remember a thing!

And hopefully when the 6-month shots come around in June I'll have forgotten about this a little more.

Monday, April 20, 2009


So I've got a sleepy baby today who is more than happy to let me catch up on emails, blogs, paying bills and watching birth shows (why do I still find these fascinating?). I'm taking advantage of my extra time and posting this video now, even though I've already posted 39589048 times today.

This is Lilly talking. My mom used to always do this slightly annoying thing with babies-- she'd say "A-geeee? A-goooo?" until they'd eventually start saying it back. Well, guess who does the same thing now?! And guess who LOVES it?! That would be me and my child, that chatterbox. Watch how focused she gets in the video. She watches my mouth and tries so hard to mimic what I'm doing. She did it at Trisha's last week (oo! there's a blog I never wrote!) and Trisha either humored me and pretended to agree that she really did it or stroked my ego and confirmed that she did.

What do you think?! We do this about 10 times a day and it kills me every time. It also kills me to hear her lying in her crib, frustrated that no one has come for her yet and finally she'll just spurt out "a GOO!"



Got in to the doctor this morning (thankfully my neighbor was able to come watch Lilly, so I didn't have to wake her up) and got a Z-Pack for the throat, allergy meds for... hmm, I don't know what that's for, a referral to a dermatologist for the rash, and NEW birth control pills! Hopefully this nonsense will come to an end.

I guess that's one advantage to seeing a Family Physician/OB... one stop shopping:)


What follows is a very whiney, probably very annoying, and very pointless post.

I am sick again. AGAIN. Last night around dinner time I started getting the familiar sore throat feeling when I swallowed. By bedtime, it was through my neck and into my ears. I slept a couple hours all night.

I've been taking Seasonale birth control-- the kind that should only give you 4 periods a year. I've been on it for almost 2 months and have been bleeding almost every day for 7 weeks. That's almost double what I should have all year. I'm tempted to just quit BC all together. And then I remember the Colic.

I have a rash covering the backs of both legs. I've been using a Rx medicine on them for over a month. It does nothing.

We have dentist appointments in Columbus today, Lillian has shots tomorrow and I work Weds-Fri. When can I even fit in a doctor's appointment?

Also, Lilly hasn't had a real bath in over 2 weeks. She has her first diaper rash (that personally doesn't look all that bad) but screams in pain when she touches the water. So we sponge bath, but this has caused a pretty severe neck roll rash. Thank God she goes to the doctor tomorrow. Too bad she peed on him yesterday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Happy 4 months, Lillian!! A little story from your big day...

Today you went to Sunday School, but got babynapped by Lori and spent the hour out mingling throughout the church while Daddy and I had a nice little lesson on forgiveness. You loved your time with Lori! Once you woke up in her arms, you were ready for a diaper, so I took you to the nursing room to get you changed. Well, Miss Lilly, as soon as I opened your diaper you proceeded to tinkle everywhere! I could count on one hand the number of times you've done this, which is why I was not expecting it! Unfortunately, I hadn't brought the diaper bag with us, only the changing pad, a diaper and the wipes. So, I cleaned you up, fluffed your dress, turned a cheek at my wet pantleg and back into church we went.

You see, honey, I knew it was time to eat, so I wasn't expecting anyone else to hold you.

Especially not your pediatrician.

But when he turned around and put his arms out for you, I didn't know what else to do but hand you over. Your dress was lightweight cotton plaid (and adorable, kid!) so I told myself a) you had dried while eating OR b) your tinkles were at least camouflaged.


As I sat back thinking "This is so nice. Here we are, enjoying a great service among our dear friends, the Thompsons, and your doctor (I really need to stop referring to him and his wife as "Lilly's doctor"... he informed me at her last appointment that at church, he's not a doctor. Which must be why he had some dad holding his daughter's eyelid wide open for Dr. A to look at right before church started. I was tempted to rip off Lilly's diaper and say "check out this rash while you're at it, Doc!" Anyway, I digress. So I was sitting there thinking how nice it is to feel so loved and to see others enjoying you as much as we do. I thought it was so nice that you were a little person to him, not just a patient:) So, yes, as I was saying, puppies and rainbows.

And then.

Dr. A turns around and whispers, "I think she has a leaky diaper."

Oh God. Shoot.

I apologized and took her to change into some un-urinated-on clothing. But let me add, Lilly, that you sprung a second leak during your change! What is the deal, kiddo?!

Thankfully, after each of my half-dozen apologies he laughed it off and told me not to worry. Actually his response was "Just wait til she has diarrhea and it goes all the way up her back!" And on that note, honey, since I've now embarrassed you on the internet, allow me to brag a little because you have never once had a blow out. Your poopies stay nice and contained:) Atta girl.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cozy Wedge Bumper!

On sale now!

Only through Green Baby Bargains!

Magenta and Royal Blue only. $28.99, regularly $59.99. Love mine! Love the company!


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, friends! I made a decision to start spending less time being technological and more time chilling out with my Liller and life has been delightful ever since!

OK, I'm sure some of that delightfulness may have something to do with the fact that Lilly has become a woman of many smiles-- and by many I mean perhaps 100 a day?!?! I told someone she smiled 50 times a day and then started to count the other day and realized she was at 50 by lunchtime! The girl is a cheesin' machine and I!

Not only is she smiling like crazy, but she's also laughing up a storm! No belly laughs yet, but when I get my tickle fingers out she totally knows what's coming and opens her mouth real wide, smiles, flinches her eyes and curls her hands into her chin until the tickle fingers get there and she laughs like "huhhhhh... huhhhhh... huhhhh." LOL, she's too much.

And then there's the talking, but that deserves its very own post. For now, I'll just tell you that she is a chatter box and a half. Matt just laughs and takes deep breaths when he thinks about all of the questions and endless talkingtalkingtalking we may have in store for us!

My mom is visiting, which is another reason I haven't been on much. She picked Lil up from school on Wednesday afternoon and they spent the rest of the day hanging out, just the girls (and Midas). They did the same on Thursday and then I had Friday off, so while Grandma took over the role of Tickle Fingers, Mommy hopped on the computer and booked a week's vacation to Jamaica! HOT DOG! We're going back to the same resort we visited a couple years ago, but this time we'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary. Woahhhh!

Today while Daddy went golfing, we drove to Athens to the Farmer's Market, which is one of the best I've ever been to. They have the coolest ethnic baked goods, unusual flowers, locally made salsas, free range eggs, organic dog treats and even moose heads. Yes, moose heads. I don't know. Lilly had a great time letting her toesies wiggle in the wind. She fit right in with the other barefoot people milling around:) She had a little less body hair though. It's a gorgeous day and the skies are bright blue. Once she wakes up fills her belly, I do believe another walk is in order!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


How 'bout lots of pictures tonight?

Here are some goodies from Lilly's Baby Dedication on March 29th as well as several Easter pictures from today! The dedication was beautiful. Fourteen children were dedicated to the Lord by their families and the congregation. An amazing photographic video was shown, set to music and highlighted with scripture. It started with black and white pregnancy photos, ultrasound images, newborn fingers and toes, etc. I was in the back of the church bouncing Lilly and became quite emotional. My dear friend Lisa and her husband, David, were there to celebrate the day with us and, after a long and difficult journey getting (and staying!) pregnant, they are finally going to have the little one they've been dreaming about. I was so grateful that God had blessed them with this gift. I can't imagine how heart wrenching it would have been for them to sit through the entire service without their little peanut stirring inside Lisa's belly!

Aunt Pam

Mommy-to-be Auntie Lisa and Daddy-to-be Uncle David

Treantze Grandma

Aunt Katie

Grandma Curtis

Party's over... Daddy time:)

It was just the three of us for Easter today, so unfortunately we couldn't get a family picture:( But we have many more Easters for that! We had a nice Sunday School class and Easter service and Lilly made friends with the family behind us. After the service, we were chatting in the lobby and one of the men from that row walked over to us and said "Now, I'm partial to my own daughter because she's my daughter but your daughter is one of the cutest baby's I've ever seen. She's a Daddy's girl." Is there any greater compliment for a mom to hear? And I don't mind if Lil's a Daddy's girl. It'll keep her out of trouble;)

(I'm also learning that it is really hard to focus on the sermon when we have Lilly. Not because she is a problem, but because it's one time that we are all three guarenteed to be together and Matt and I can't keep our eyes off of her! Every couple minutes one of us is getting the other's attention to look at something she's doing. This girl has no idea how loved she is!)

Thank you, Aunt Andrea, for my cute Easter outfit! As you can see, I love it!

Easter jammies (How many Easter outfits does one girl need? LOTS!)

Easter Thug Baby

Friday, April 10, 2009


Today Lilly and I had the day off so we took a trip to Daddy's school and visited with his teacher friends. We had lots of fun!

For the rest of the day I made it a point to keep the TV off, limit computer time and just enjoy the day with Lil. It seems like our house is a non-stop noise fest most days. When we're home all day, the TV goes on first thing and stays on until bed time. It started as a sleep cue to differentiate between night and day, but now it's just the norm.

Today was peacefully quiet. We even enjoyed a nap together:) Although I can't say I napped. I couldn't stop watching her sleep! I think this was a start to something good.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today I subbed in my old classroom for a little while, which I thought I was going to enjoy, however being there at this time of year made me feel uneasy and dark. At this time last year I was feeling sad, hopeless, forgotten, left behind, damned... . I don't miss that time in my life. Today it came back a little and made me feel a little sick to my stomache. The good news about this time last year is that April 3rd was a date I'd end up repeating about 12 dozen times over the next 9 months... my LMP! Wonderful news was on the horizon:)

In Lilly news, Matt observed that she is talking less and less when she eats. When people call while she's eating they always crack up on the other end because she is SO LOUD! They joke in the nursery that she really wears herself out eating... it's so true. I don't want her to stop. It's so cute!

The only video we have of her doing it is on our camcorder, which doesn't upload to the computer. But I do have this precious video I took in my hospital bed the day she was born. Listen closely.

Goosebumps!!! It's almost as if she's moaning "sooooooo tiiiiiired. puuuut me back."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Lilly, it's a good thing you have no idea what I'm saying when I sing you to sleep. Here's what did the trick this morning!

Hush little baby, don't say a word, Momma's gonna buy you a mocking bird.
And if that mocking bird don't sing, Momma's gonna buy you a diamond ring.
And if that diamond ring don't shine, Momma's gonna buy you a... a... pair of nines?
And if that pair of nines don't win, Momma's gonna buy you a brand new Schwinn.
And if that brand new Schwinn don't ride, Momma's gonna buy you a Barbie bride.
And if that Barbie bride don't wed, Momma's gonna buy you a new day bed.
And if that new daybed don't sleep, Momma's gonna buy you a fuzzy Sleep Sheep.
And if that fuzzy Sleep Sheep don't play, Momma's gonna buy you a bale of hay.
And if that bale of hay don't scrratch, Momma's gonna buy you a pirate patch.
And if that pirate patch don't scare, Momma's gonna buy you a dog with no hair.
And if that dog with no hair don't bark, Momma's gonna buy you a ride in Central Park.
And if that ride in Central Park don't clop, Momma's gonna buy you a Libman mop.
And if that Libman mop don't clean, Momma's gonna buy you a jumping bean.
And if that jumping bean don't jump, Momma's gonna buy you a double breast pump.

And thankfully you were out at this point. Things were really heading south, what with the hairless dog and the double automatic pump.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I think I've been accidentally taking credit for something I didn't do. The Price of Children post from a few days ago-- I didn't write it! Matt forwarded it to me from a teacher at his school. It's probably been circulating for years, but there was no author, so I didn't even think to mention that it was written by someone else. But you're right that it is so good! I knew it had to be good when I saw that Matt had forwarded something to me since we both really dislike email forwards. Good judgement, honey!

I feel really bad that some of you thought I wrote it. When I read your comments saying "You're such a good writer!" I thought they were in reference to a different post. Oops!

So Bryna, Our Life in Pixels and Valerie and Eric, you are absolutely more than welcome to steal it... who am I to say no?!?!


On the mend, on the mend. The Amoxicillan seems to have kicked in and my throat is feeling better. I have an ear ache that I'm sure is a result of a month of congestion, but hopefully the Amoixicillan will take care of that soon as well. I'm so thankful that I don't work Mondays or Tuesdays. That has really saved me!

Trisha, let's shoot for next week. I might be feeling better, but I would feel much more comfortable giivng it more time. I don't want you or Delaney catching any of my cooties!

I have a favor to ask of you guys. If you don't already have your blog set so it can be followed, it would be awesome if you could! I have so little free time and rarely read the blogs on my list if I don't get an automatic alert that they've been updated. But I feel so guilty when I read comments from loyal readers and I haven't read their blog in weeks... or months... because it's not right in my face saying "Read me!" I want to read, I'm just too lazy and rushed to take the time to click through each one. Pretty please with sugar on top. Thank you:):):)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Poor Lilly. Her dad turned her into a boy today. He claims he did it because today is opening day for baseball... I think he really just wishes he a son! He gets so tired of all the pink, although most of the clothes I've bought have not been pink. I tend to go for fun, bright, bold colors. We have a ton of girly hand-me-downs though.

Anyway, meet Billy. Lilly's twin bro.

This is what happens when Mom is incapacitated and Dad's left in charge. Curtis University t-shirt, navy blue pants and baseball booties. Oy, oy, oy.