Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today I subbed in my old classroom for a little while, which I thought I was going to enjoy, however being there at this time of year made me feel uneasy and dark. At this time last year I was feeling sad, hopeless, forgotten, left behind, damned... . I don't miss that time in my life. Today it came back a little and made me feel a little sick to my stomache. The good news about this time last year is that April 3rd was a date I'd end up repeating about 12 dozen times over the next 9 months... my LMP! Wonderful news was on the horizon:)

In Lilly news, Matt observed that she is talking less and less when she eats. When people call while she's eating they always crack up on the other end because she is SO LOUD! They joke in the nursery that she really wears herself out eating... it's so true. I don't want her to stop. It's so cute!

The only video we have of her doing it is on our camcorder, which doesn't upload to the computer. But I do have this precious video I took in my hospital bed the day she was born. Listen closely.

Goosebumps!!! It's almost as if she's moaning "sooooooo tiiiiiired. puuuut me back."

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