Monday, April 20, 2009


What follows is a very whiney, probably very annoying, and very pointless post.

I am sick again. AGAIN. Last night around dinner time I started getting the familiar sore throat feeling when I swallowed. By bedtime, it was through my neck and into my ears. I slept a couple hours all night.

I've been taking Seasonale birth control-- the kind that should only give you 4 periods a year. I've been on it for almost 2 months and have been bleeding almost every day for 7 weeks. That's almost double what I should have all year. I'm tempted to just quit BC all together. And then I remember the Colic.

I have a rash covering the backs of both legs. I've been using a Rx medicine on them for over a month. It does nothing.

We have dentist appointments in Columbus today, Lillian has shots tomorrow and I work Weds-Fri. When can I even fit in a doctor's appointment?

Also, Lilly hasn't had a real bath in over 2 weeks. She has her first diaper rash (that personally doesn't look all that bad) but screams in pain when she touches the water. So we sponge bath, but this has caused a pretty severe neck roll rash. Thank God she goes to the doctor tomorrow. Too bad she peed on him yesterday.


Jessica said...

i'm sorry you're sick and even more sorry about the breakthrough bleeding--that really sucks!

chloe peed all over the lady holding her in the nursery a few weeks ago. i felt terrible about it until i got her home and figured out why: when they changed her diaper they mistakenly put one of luke's size 5 diapers on her instead of her size 2! yikes!

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

Oh no!! I can't believe you are sick again! Hope the Zpack nips it for good. It has always donr great for me.

Hopefully the new BCPs make your cycles stabilize. That really bites!

LOL re: Lilly's episode. D peed all over the doc as soon as they lifted her out of me:).