Monday, April 6, 2009


I think I've been accidentally taking credit for something I didn't do. The Price of Children post from a few days ago-- I didn't write it! Matt forwarded it to me from a teacher at his school. It's probably been circulating for years, but there was no author, so I didn't even think to mention that it was written by someone else. But you're right that it is so good! I knew it had to be good when I saw that Matt had forwarded something to me since we both really dislike email forwards. Good judgement, honey!

I feel really bad that some of you thought I wrote it. When I read your comments saying "You're such a good writer!" I thought they were in reference to a different post. Oops!

So Bryna, Our Life in Pixels and Valerie and Eric, you are absolutely more than welcome to steal it... who am I to say no?!?!

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