Sunday, April 12, 2009


How 'bout lots of pictures tonight?

Here are some goodies from Lilly's Baby Dedication on March 29th as well as several Easter pictures from today! The dedication was beautiful. Fourteen children were dedicated to the Lord by their families and the congregation. An amazing photographic video was shown, set to music and highlighted with scripture. It started with black and white pregnancy photos, ultrasound images, newborn fingers and toes, etc. I was in the back of the church bouncing Lilly and became quite emotional. My dear friend Lisa and her husband, David, were there to celebrate the day with us and, after a long and difficult journey getting (and staying!) pregnant, they are finally going to have the little one they've been dreaming about. I was so grateful that God had blessed them with this gift. I can't imagine how heart wrenching it would have been for them to sit through the entire service without their little peanut stirring inside Lisa's belly!

Aunt Pam

Mommy-to-be Auntie Lisa and Daddy-to-be Uncle David

Treantze Grandma

Aunt Katie

Grandma Curtis

Party's over... Daddy time:)

It was just the three of us for Easter today, so unfortunately we couldn't get a family picture:( But we have many more Easters for that! We had a nice Sunday School class and Easter service and Lilly made friends with the family behind us. After the service, we were chatting in the lobby and one of the men from that row walked over to us and said "Now, I'm partial to my own daughter because she's my daughter but your daughter is one of the cutest baby's I've ever seen. She's a Daddy's girl." Is there any greater compliment for a mom to hear? And I don't mind if Lil's a Daddy's girl. It'll keep her out of trouble;)

(I'm also learning that it is really hard to focus on the sermon when we have Lilly. Not because she is a problem, but because it's one time that we are all three guarenteed to be together and Matt and I can't keep our eyes off of her! Every couple minutes one of us is getting the other's attention to look at something she's doing. This girl has no idea how loved she is!)

Thank you, Aunt Andrea, for my cute Easter outfit! As you can see, I love it!

Easter jammies (How many Easter outfits does one girl need? LOTS!)

Easter Thug Baby


Katie said...

What great pics! She gets cuter every day!

Lisa said...

I agree...definitely one of the cutest babies I have ever seen! Thanks again for allowing us to be part of your special day. We love you guys! Happy Easter!

Jenn said...

What a way to start off my morning :) Love all the pics and I have to agree with Katie~ the girl just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! BTW~ love that tree in the yard as well!

Alyssa mommy said...

Too cute! Every little girl needs many outfits!

Joanne said...

beautiful!! you are blessed!!