Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wow, you guys follow some really entertaining blogs!

Bryna and Christyn are hooked on Cake Wrecks-- Christyn starts each day with this little dose of hilarity. I, personally, enjoyed the Valentine's Day post. Bryna also frequents Post Secret, an oldie but a goodie that I'd forgotten about completely. Thanks for that blast from the past, Bryna! Check it out each Sunday. Chances are, you'll feel much better about yourself when you're done.

This morning I checked out Christyn's other love, Fail Blog for the first time and it gave me quite a few laughs. If you were the type of college kid who was always disappointed when your new textbooks contained only a dozen pictures and all those words, this is right up your alley! If you recall my Jane Austen post, I was one of those kids. And, yes, I was an English major.

Now, LeAnna here pointed me in the direction of Pioneer Woman Cooks, which I will admit, I had not looked into until I started writing this post. For no other reason than the fact that lately I hate cooking. To me, toasting an English muffin, spreading something besides grape jelly on it and pouring a glass of something that originates from anything besides my kitchen faucet is considered "cooking" these days. However, the name intrigued me and after reading about this so-called Pioneer Woman, I do believe I am sold. The unsuspecting, bombshell of a wife and mother spends her days cleaning poo (human and otherwise) and frying up "calf nuts" on her cattle ranch. If anything, this one could be a heckofagood read.

Ms. Becky (who will always be "Ms." Becky to me!) is a lova of Mimi Smartypants, who is one genious of a woman (probably where she got the name Smartypants from, no?) because this woman published a book of her blog posts. LUCKY! She's a hoot and a definite good read if you're looking for a new rib tickler to add to your list.

My own current fave is the blog of the MckMamma family. Mom's a crafty, innovative, photographic, Jesus-loving genious mother of 4 beautiful babes. Her usual posts are so inspiring to me. She takes incrediblly bright and exhillerating everyday pics and shares them, often accompanied by awesomeley alliterative captions. Every once in a while she shares a funky, crunchy recipe that I would probably never make for my children, but is interesting nevertheless. And the "Not-Me Monday" posts are worth 3 minutes of anyone's time. Right now MckMamma's little boy, Stellan, is in the hospital with a very scary heart condition that first showed up in utero, but then had all but vanished until about a week and a half ago. Her sweet boy is very sick and needs all the extra prayers we can give him. Please pop over and share some lovin' with MckMamma and her MckFamily!

Did I miss any good blogs? Do share!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Well HOT DOG! Guess what??? I won something totally awesome today! And how appropriate that I was just asking around this morning about teething gadgets and gizmos? I do believe we have an early teether on our hands, so what a blessing that Ariana at Becoming Mom picked Lilly and I to win a set of Dano Circus Teethers!

Please check out Becoming Mom for Photoshop Friday tutorials, a handy list of her darling Jasper's favorite toys and books, eye-popping photographs and an all-around entertaining read. Thank you so much, Ariana.


Written last week... just now getting around to posting...

Yesterday Lilly and I had our first big shopping adventure. This week is Daddy’s Spring Break, so I packed up the babe and left the house so he could have the day to himself. HAHAHA. OK, not really. He volunteered to clean the house from top to bottom in preparation for Lilly’s Baby Dedication on Sunday. But, as any parent knows, a house to yourself is a house to yourself—even if you ARE cleaning in that house all by yourself!

I was a little nervous about how the day would unfold, with feedings, diaper changes, fussiness in stores, the hour drive to the outlets each way… a potty break for mom??? We left the house at about 10:30, after a bottle, and arrived at the outlets a little over an hour later. I changed Lilly, got the stroller all set, rigged up the diaper bag on the handle and off we went! Our first stop was Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. I figured we’d do the most breakable store first, while she was still fascinated and happy, which would mean Mommy was focused and not distracted (read: running into to glass vases with her clumsy stroller). (Actually, the stroller is not clumsy—it’s great! It’s the Combi Flare stroller frame and works wonderfully! I still love my Peg Perego stroller, but this one is much more conducive to narrow aisles, turns on a dime, and fits more shopping bags down below!)

By 1:30ish, we’d reached the Food Court and I made the executive Mommy decision to wake the sleeping baby and feed her while we were at a good stopping point. I even tackled the public restroom without a hitch! Although it is a little odd taking care of business with your baby watching onJ For some reason I found it more odd than slinging her on my shoulder whilst businessing like we did in the early days. Ohhh, the early days.

Once while at J.Crew I held a shirt up for Lilly and asked if she liked it. The little diva baby SMILED... and it was a done deal. We may be a dangerous pair, that's all I'm saying.

We continued on and shopped til we dropped. I finally called it a day and even by-passed The Children’s Place in order to hit the road. I’d like to say it was solely for the benefit of Lilly, but I won't lie, I had spent TOO much money by that point and knew I was flirting with danger by stepping inside one more store.

We did have to make a stop to change Lilly's diaper on the way home. And then again to eat. And then again because I forgot to buckle the carseat harness. Yes, you read that correctly. I let my infant sleep with multiple blankets, I tether plastic chain links to the bottom of dining room chairs and I forget to buckle the carseat. No worries-- I was horrified with myself enough that I don't think I'll be making that mistake ever again. Moving right along.

It was a GREAT day! And when we got home, the house looked fantastic! We sure are a couple of lucky girls:)


Much to share about yesterday (Lilly's Baby Dedication) but I wanted to post real quick about something before I forget.

Lilly has been doing the neatest thing lately. She tries to immitate us talking! Whether its the inflection in our voices or just moving her lips (opening her mouth wide, like when I say "Ohhhh myyyy!") or sometimes just getting so excited at us talking to her that she doesn't know what to do with herself.

Now, she's also reunited with her thumb in the past couple days, so she often doesn't know if she should suck, chew, cry, laugh, talk or just stare at us.

I love this little girl more than my heart ever could have known possible.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Lilly never really had a completed nursery since we had always planned on it being a shared guestroom, which meant keeping a queen sized bed in the room.... which meant there wasn't much space. We decided not to paint and with so much furniture in there, I kept the wall decor minimal to avoid overstimulation.

Well, the bed made its exit around week 6, which left the room quite empty and sad. Now that Lilly is here, it is just too hard to paint the room, and without any windows, the sadness factor still remains. However, she now has some adorable wall art that I mentioned a few weeks ago, from etsy seller artandphilanthropy. She also has a website print*pattern*paper with lots of cute artwork!

Here are the framed pictures, along with a new felt birdie mobile I found at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet last week. The birds match the birdies in the center picture perfectly! Now that Lilly has developed healthy sleeping patterns and can put herself to sleep after a few minutes of playing in her crib, I felt comfortable hanging a mobile. Now, when she wakes up, I often hear her talking to the birdies and watching them hang out over her bed! It's too cute.

You can also see the yellow Cozy Wedge bumper inside her crib. This is one amazing company. After missing their 50% off sale at Green Baby Bargains, I thought "What the heck, I'm going to email the company and ask for the sale price!" Don't know where that ambition came from, but it worked! A company spokesperson replied with the nicest email, expressing their desire to help every mom provide safe products for their children, even in these tough economic times. I was so touched by her thoughtfullness and generosity in offerring me the sale price (I was even given my own personalized coupon code!) on the color of my choice (which is an even better deal) that I promised to spread the word of their great product once I got it home and gave it a try.

Well, friends, let me tell you-- it really is great! What prompted my search for a bumper alternative was waking up to Lilly crying three mornings in a row. These were CRY cries. "Help me!" cries. All three mornings I found her arm hanging out of the crib and her head smooshed against the crib slats. I knew she needed something, but I just cannot bring myself to hang a bumper in her crib. We all have our "things" and that's one of mine. I don't want to offend anyone, so just to level the playing field, I'll throw out a little confession. Lilly sleeps with 2, sometimes 3 blankets in her crib. Yeah, so take my fear for what it's worth!

Anyway, the Cozy Wedge bumper really is awesome. It only comes up about 2 inches along the crib slats, but its wedge shape offers a little ramp inside the crib. The organic cotton sleeve is nice and soft, but the foam inserts are stiff enough that an air pocket cannot be created between an infant's face and the bumper. A+ product.

And since it's in the picture, the Sleep Sheep deserves some love as well. My Sister-in-Law found this little cutie back when our babes were newborns and thankfully she and my mom picked one up for Lilly. It plays four different sounds (Spring Showers, Mother's Heartbeat, Whale Songs and Ocean Surf) and you can switch between 24 and 45 minute playing times. I wish it could go longer as sometimes Lilly wakes up when it shuts off, but truthfully, for a battery-operated toy, its battery life is impressive (3 months later, we're still on the same batteries-- and this thing gets used at EVERY nap and EVERY bedtime). We should probably switch to an electronic gadget if we want to play the sounds longer. But for now, the Sleep Sheep remains our hero! Sometimes I'll put Lilly down and walk out of her room, only to hear her start crying. Often, the problem is that I forgot to turn on the Sleep Sheep! The girl needs her Spring Showers:)

Friday, March 27, 2009


At Lilly's 3 month appointment, her pedi was extrememly backed up because of the flu virus. He normally sees 15 patients on Fridays (they are only open until noon), but "squeezed in" 20 more. All because of the flu. A couple days later at church he told us that the best way to describe this particular flu bug that's going around is you want to die, but you can't.

He was right. 100%.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Just popping in to say I'm sicker than a dog. Thankfully Matt is home on Spring Break, so I am able to get some rest while he takes care of the babe. And thankfully I have a lovely job and a boss who seems to like me for some reason.

Yay for that!

Monday, March 23, 2009


We're back from Charlottesville! I wish I could share everything about the trip, but no can do! You'll just have to wait a little while to know what amazing, incredible, fabulous, stupendous antics we were up to over the weekend.

But for now, here are some pics of Owen & Lilly... birthday-sharing-cuzzies with more cuteness than their mommies can handle! And some others, as well.*

*You'll notice Matt got to try his hand at styling hair... my cousin Emily looks a little terrified! And FYI, that is in Suzanne's VERY OWN SALON in her house! I'm not sure if she would like her blog to be public knowledge, but if so, maybe you can, eh hmm, leave a comment so my lovely readers can link and check out pics of this creation... not to mention lots of adorabley awesome pics of Owen! Seriously, I felt like a kid playing pretend salon down there... only with REAL stuff! Like the cool hair washing sink? Mm hmmm... I even washed Suzanne's hairs in it. And it made me realize how self-conscious stylists must be about boogies. I would have some serious anxiety about that!

Update: Suzanne gave the OK to link to her blog... check out the salon! And if you live in the Charlottesville area, I highly recommend making an appointment with this talented lady! You won't be sorry!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Man, oh, man, what fun it is to watch your little one laugh!

This was Lilly's first-- Daddy had just come home from work and was changing out of his clothes while Lilly and I sat on the potty (lid down, thank you) and chatted with him. He was being so silly and she kept her eyes glued to him... and then started laughing! And laughing! And laughing!

I had tears running down my face, partly from how funny it was and partly because it was so awesome to see her happy enough to actually laugh out loud and her silly ol' dad.

Of course Matt ate this UP! He scooped her out of my arms and said "I love you so much, Lilly." I do believe she discovered the key to Daddy's heart.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Lilly, you are 3 months old today!

What shall we do to celebrate?

Well, Mommy, I think I would like to go to the beach.

Lilly, it's March! You're so, silly.

Gotcha, Mom!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I tried to post this yesterday but was having troubles because it was too long. She's good to go now! Enjoy this video of Lilly's almost roll... yes, I realize nothing happens, but something almost happens!!

According to "Your Baby's First Year, Week by Week", they front to back before back to front, but this video makes me think otherwise.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I almost forgot! Lilly has started trying to sit up in my lap. After her 5/6am bottle, she likes to lean back against me on my lap and watch the news with me. (Can you believe how smart she is? She totally watches the NASDAQ too.) This used to be a nice, quiet, relaxing segue* into our day, considering I'm usually still half asleep and not ready to be perky.

But now I can feel her trying to lift herself off of me and sit up. She obviously can't do it on her own, but if I let her hold onto my thumbs she will pull herself up.

Perhaps not the most earth-shattering milestone, but when you consider what very little an infant is physically capable of up to this point, it's pretty huge! OK, it's huge to me;)

*Andrea, the word "segue" always makes me think of you!


Just dropping in to say hi! Lilly and I have colds and are feeling down in the dumps. We spent the weekend in Indiana with my parents, which was exciting because the weather was gorgeous and the lake looked so pretty on Sunday. I am so ready for summer! Unfortunately, being away for a weekend is not supportive of an infant's daily routine, especially because I was bridesmaids dress shopping all day Saturday, so I wasn't even around to make sure "rules" were being followed.

Yeah, rules. We got 'em and we got 'em for a reason, mainly because when all is said and done Mommy has to pick up the pieces and deal with a cranky, confused and fussy baby once we're back home.

But we did have a nice weekend. We're both zonked, so it's time to squeeze in a nap:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank you to WhoSaidLifeIsFair and LeAnna for helping me find the cooking blog I aksed about! I believe LeAnna had it with $5 Dinners, however WhoSaid linked me to another really good blog, called Poor Girl Eats Well.

Thanks, guys!!

Do you have a blog that you can't live without? Please share and I'll link for others to discover as well!


Someone shared this article on the bump last night. It's a little lengthy-- 3 pages-- but a good read for moms who formula feed and moms who breast feed. It's called "The Case Against Breastfeeding" but really does a nice job of presenting research-based facts against fluff, in a fair and sensible manner. It may seem anti-BF'ing in spots, but in the end even the author admits to still BF'ing, so give 'er a read if you've got an 15 extra minutes:)

FF'ing mommas will get a chuckle out of the author's comments about stereotypes... they're pretty spot on! Evidently Lilly will be a dim-eyed little girl with an IQ 5 points lower than her breastfed friends, regardless of you know, parental involvement, life experiences, educational provisions... if only Mom would have paid attention to the La Leche League video of a magnified nipple set to classical music at Babies R Us that fateful afternoon in October. Shux.

Better luck with the next kid!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Dear Lilly,
You are no longer my scrawny little newborn baby girl who came home from the hospital weak, starving... and orange! Thankfully we took care of the orange part right away. But the weak and starving part? It took a little time, but you are offically a chubby baby! Lately your reflux has been wreaking havoc in the evenings, which had Mommy and Daddy stumped, but today Dr. A (our hero) figured out the problem. You have more than doubled your birth weight in under 3 months! You now weigh 13 lbs 5 oz and are a delightfully pudgy munchkin.

I've been itching to buy you your first bathing suit for the summer, but I just have no idea where you'll be weighing in come June, so for now I think I better wait (Although it's really hard! And don't, for one second, think you're getting one of those tacky baby string bikinis. Sorry, babe. Good luck wearing a string bikini around your father when your thirty.)

Keep up the good work, honey! You look adorable and are feel so warm and cuddly in my arms. The chubbier, the better!



Spring is just around the corner, but we're already seeing lots of refreshing things at the K-tell household these days! For instance...

Last night's sunset during dinner. A much welcomed change to Ohio's gloomy, gray winter skies.

A happy baby! It turns out you have to provide more for your baby than spindles, ceiling fan lights and Mom's face if you want to yield some smiles. Lilly's choice smile-inducing-brightly-colored-crap of the day? The exercauser and flying butterfly combo.

I can sit Lilly in a contraption and get something done (While she ignores rigged toys--yes, I do have a dangly ratttle/ring thing taped to her seat and strategically NOT included in the picture, safe mother that I am, to watch The Office. Mother of the Year, here!) But to be able to make coffee or go to the gosh darn bathroom without running? That is refreshing.

Can you find what's missing in this picture? OK, I'll tell you. Tears. Turns out if you treat the babe like a Princess and do things like washing her feet while she lounges, she'll not only keep the tears at bay, but she'll also pose for pictures. This only took nearly 3 months to figure out! Refreshing to know.

Nothing is more refreshing than going coatless in the Springtime! Also, this flag was hung the day Lilly was born, but it's taken 3 months for the weather to not be frigid enough to step outside and take a picture with it. Please ignore my daughter's belly showing. Her father already spoke with her about this.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Lilly had her first fire drill today! She, and all the babies, did wonderful and were so easy going. I was helping the toddlers shuffle on out, but was able to get a peak at her from a distance:) My co-director took this with her Blackberry... good thing too because I was really bummed I didn't have my camera! (And I am so impressed with the picture quality... anyone have a Blackberry they want to donate to the K-Tell Program for Photographically Obsessed Mothers???)

The little girl on Lilly's right was born 1 day earlier, weighing 6lbs and has yet to break the 8-pound mark. She is soooo teeny. Sweet and petite!! She and Lilly have the same blankie, too:) It's reversable and Olivia has hers on the other side. They are destined to be BFFs;)

Monday, March 9, 2009


Enjoy Lilly's latest slideshow, from about 7 weeks through now:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I need your help:)

A little while back I linked to blog through a comment left on one of my posts. The blog I linked to was about cooking cheap. Lots of good recipes that don't cost a fortune to make. In fact, the blog owner even broke down each grocery item by the exact cost per person (i.e., if you needed half a can of green beans for a family of 4, she broke it down by what the half can cost, divided by 4!)

If this blog sounds familiar, could you please link me to it? I need some new dinner ideas.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


As I sit listening to a CD I snatched from our toddler classroom after a weepy encounter with the world's most beautiful lyrics, I am honored and humbled by sweet Katie of The Happy Hours who nominated me for The Sisterhood Award. She is just one of the many, many women I have grown to love as dear friends over this past year. I never could have known this incredible support system of women who "get it", who understand the deep sorrow behind the words "it wasn't meant to be," who never in heartbeat speak the words "just relax"... who offer their support in a way that others just simply can't.

Despite knowing that any one of these women would offer her shoulder, Katie is among the most special. To know Katie is to love Katie... and I do feel like I know you, Katie:) There aren't many women out there who could, month after month face that disappointing reminder that "it wasn't meant to be" and yet pore her heart into crafting the most precious baby blankets, hats, and even the occasional uterus, and then package them up and send them out across the country for babies and mommies to delight over. But Katie does. And add to this the fact that she never bemoans herself or her struggle. She doesn't curse her luck or complain about her past. She looks ahead with optimism and excitement that I only wish I could mirror.

It would be my honor to someday meet you and your little one, who I just know is waiting around the corner for you. If anyone would like to raise up some extra prayers for Katie, her husband and this little one, they will be embarking on this babymaking adventure (eek!) very soon and I'm sure would love your support!

Here are the rules!

Put the logo on your blog or post.
Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude.
Be sure to link to your nominees in your post.
Let your nominees know they have received the award by leaving them a comment on their blog.
Be sure to link this post to the person who nominated you for the award.

1. Trisha, of the Jackson 5 Adventures, supporter of social media (in her spare time!), mother to the adorable Delaney J, player of Bunco, and lover of all things Green.

2. Andrea, of Fumbling Towards Adulthood, dear friend, juicy celeb gossip lover, mother to sweet, toothless Lola (The Chihuahua), tender-hearted daughter, and my hetero lifemate:) Although not currently in the market for kiddos (unless there's something I don't know! HL?) the neverending love she offers to her friends is both admirable and humbling.

3. Jenn, of Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing, wife to Hal, lover of cruises, loyal sister and daughter, and current baker of a miracle baby!

4. Newtie, of Dear Gerkin, mystery college professor, wife to mystery man, mother to Newtlet. For knowing a lot about Newtie, I now realize I know very little!

5. Andra, of My story of loss... and life, who now writes at Dear Avery, lover of traveling, creative mastermind behind unique child entertainment devices, current mommy to Avery, future mommy to abj Jr! (I must add that hers was one of the very first blogs I began reading after my miscarriage and under no coincidence, I am certain, has become a daily acquaintance!

Yes, as you can see I cheated. I am in awe that I was able to get this far without newborn distraction, so I will end here as these 6 women are worthy of the top spots anyway:) Thank you for being you!

And if you are interested in the CD I'm listening to, it is Bob Carlisle's Butterfly Kisses & Bedtime Prayers... and the song that brought me to tears:

Before I Knew Your Name

Angels fly above you
They know that I love you
And so I watch your dreaming now
I wonder if you know

Before I knew your name
Before I saw your eyes, your chin and your nose
Before I counted your fingers and toes
I asked Heaven for someone wonderful as you
and every prayer and wish came true

I dreamed of you before I knew your name

I'm thankful for you
You know I adore you
So, I watch you dreaming now
I wonder if you know

Before I knew your name
Before I saw your eyes, your chin and your nose
Before I counted your fingers and toes
I asked Heaven for someone wonderful as you
and every prayer and wish came true

I dreamed of you before I knew your name
I dreamed of you before I knew your name

Friday, March 6, 2009


I shared this elsehwere a little while ago and wanted to post it here to have with all of Lilly's other baby stories. I want her to know how much I love her and that my inability to nurse her was a hard-fought battle that still makes my heart ache. But I also so that one day when she is a mommy herself she will know that no matter how she chooses to nourish her children, what should matter is that she does it with all her heart. And any mommies who read this who are or have struggled with breastfeeding, don't let anyone make you feel the way I've felt. It will only leave you bitter and angry.

(Someday I really will print all of these and put them into a book... someday!)

I've shared a little here and there about my disaster of an attempt at breastfeeding Lilly, but I've never really gone into any detail on how hard it was on me as a mom-- perhaps harder than the PTL, pre-e, last minute blood clot, massive amount of blood loss, PPD, jaundice and colic all combined. Yes, I'm sure that sounds a bit extreme, but hear me out.

We live in a society now that praises the heck out of women who breastfeed. Parenting books always discuss breastfeeding scenarios before throwing in a pitiful little alternate chapter for formula feeding. My own pediatrician's office and ER waiting room have posters and magnets stuck on the walls and anything metallic touting "Breast is Best!" And everywhere a new mom goes, one of the first questions people--strangers included-- feel compelled to ask is "Are you breastfeeding?"

Jaundice can be cured, babies grow out of colic, Paxil does wonders for PPD. PTL, pre-e, blood clots and blood loss are all things that resolve with treatment. But making the decision to formula feed your baby is one that can affect your child for the rest of his or her life. So when the decision isn't actually yours to make because of medical or situational factors, it hurts like hell.

For mothers who planned all along to breastfeed their baby, only to learn that it will not be happening, it is a huge emotional loss. I would go so far as to say that it was devastating to me. My own mother has shared with me her fond memories of nursing me and how close we became because of it. She still grins in pure love when she tells me about how special that time was. I couldn't wait to see what all the fuss was about, especially once I found out that I, too, was having a daughter. It sounded like the ultimate mother-daughter bond.

Unfortunately my experience with breastfeeding was horrible. There is no short way to list all of the cards we had stacked against us, so I'll spare you the babble. The point is, I eventually HAD to give up and give my poor daughter a bottle of formula. The two of us had struggled with every other aspect of her entrance into the world and this was the first thing that was easy for her. A friend, and mother of 3, went through something similar with her middle child and she told me "Katie, just let her enjoy the one thing in life that CAN come easy to her". It made perfect sense. I felt a huge relief of stress and felt like I was finally providing for my child.

But I also felt tremendous guilt and embarrassment for failing at something I felt women were built to do. I bet I cried at least a couple hours a day over this grief. People kept asking me how it was going and I felt like I had to constantly defend myself-- for Pete's sake, the child didn't even want my pumped milk. What could I do???

I know a big part of my emotions was hormone and PPD related, but even now I still feel sorrow over not being able to provide what is supposedly "better" for Lilly. I wonder if she'll have a childhood frought with ear infections or allergies over everything she encounters. I wonder if she rarely smiles at me because we lost out on that bonding time. I wonder if I'll ever be able to nurse my future children or if I'll go through this all over again.

Maybe this seems silly or even pointless. But I'm sharing it with you all-- FF'ers and BF'ers alike to help shed a little light on how hard it can be to miss out on being a part of the "Good Mommy" club. If you ever have to go through this yourself, I hope you'll remember my post and know that you aren't alone. If you ever have an opportunity to show support for someone who isn't able to breastfeed, I hope you'll remember my post. And if you are part of The Club please remember that it is really, really hard to be doubted or questioned about your decision.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have to add that today has been absolutely delightful! Lilly is in the best mood-- smiling, laughing, watching me ask "How big is Lilly? Sooooooo big???" and smiling a huge, gummy smile. It seems like everything I have her try today she has really enjoyed. We have come so far from the days of only being happy when held. Right now she is lying on the floor next to me just looking around, kicking, making noises and swinging her arm around like a softball pitcher:) I've taken a half dozen video clips throughout the morning, but wish I could just record the whole day.

It is so refreshing and makes me feel 100% sure that working part-time is the best move we can make for our daughter.


Being a mom is all about improvising...

because sometimes the same old toys get boring...

but sometimes we're not quite big enough for the new ones...

and sometimes it's fun to lie in bed and stare up at the world

and sometimes Mommy has to ignore the warnings on my toys because she simply needs 2 hands to get all those bottle parts washed

but when all is said and done, there's nothing like crashing on the floor during tummy time. Cribs are for babies;)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This morning after I got Lilly dressed and was playing around with her, I lifted her up over my head and then smooched her belly.

I forgot I had pink lip gloss on.

Lilly went to school in a yellow shirt with Mommy's lips smack dab in the middle:)


OK, so the very exciting, unexpected, not-pregnant news!

I was thinking it would be a while before having to make any decisions, but I think our prayers were answered, again unexpectedly, by having the decision made for me.

So the big news is...

I am going to be a part-time working Momma! It came up as a comment in passing while chatting with my co-director and our Admin. Assistant, but as it turned out we were all on the same page, but no one wanted to bing it up for fear of upsetting anyone else (Are we a bunch of women, or what?!) In fact, my co-director is hoping to be following my footsteps in the near future.

One thing led to another and I'd barely had a chance to talk it over with Matt before our Superintendent approved my switch on a week-to-week basis. So for now I will be working part time, but may have weeks where I have a full-time schedule. This summer I may be working 4 days a week, which my co-director and I had already planned on doing (so we can both have 3-day weekends! woo hoo!).

I'll admit I was a little shocked that it happened so quickly, but at the same time it gives me reasuarrance that the Lord has provided us with enough income (and sanity) for me to be at home with Lilly as much as possible, while still maintaining a career and work relationships that are extremely valuable to me.

I've heard many women say that if they could go back and do it again, they would have done whatever it took to stay home with their children during these early years. We're blessed with the ability to live comfortably, splurge on a vacations here and there, provide for our family and still put a nice amount of income into savings each month. After being home for over 3 months on just one income and seeing that we can still maintain a comfortable lifestyle, I feel so good giving this time to my baby. Sure I might have to curb my internet shopping habit (this, after I just placed a Lands' End order for THE cutest corduroy jumper. Darn.), but I think I'd be crazy not to take advantage of this gift.

So there it is! After next week I will be home Saturday-Tuesday... and just in time for the coveted 3-month mark I've been keeping my eyes on for weeks. God is good:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Some very exciting and unexpected news is coming, blog friends! Right now if you could just pray for our little family and for guidance with this very exciting and expected news, that would be fantastic. And as soon as this very exciting and unexpected news is a little further developed, I will be sure to share it with you all ASAP!

But for now... pray. Please pray:)

ETA: Perhaps I should nip this one in the bud-- No I am not pregnant again. And why are you posting anonymously, silly? It kinda freaks me out.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Sometimes I get frustrated at night because I feel like I have to do everything around here. I don't know why I get so much more frustrated at night than during the day, but there's something about rocking back and forth in a dark room with nothing to look at (I'm not even supposed to look at my baby, for Pete's sake!) while my husband stays in bed, warm, snuggly and ASLEEP that makes me want to inflict bodily harm on him. I tend to get quite dramatic around these times as well (ie, throwing the covers off with enough force that he has to wake up to re-cover himself, flinging the bedroom door open so it makes just enough noise to be annoying, hissing as I walk away "Don't worry, I'lllll get it!"... you get the idea).

But every once in a while I have a lightbulb moment and I realize how lucky I am to be sitting with a healthy baby in my lap in the first place. I get choked up just writing these words.

Yes, I wish my husband would take care of things without being asked or tell me "Honey, you stay in bed. I've got this one" but in the big picture, I'm pretty fortunate and sometimes need these lightbulb moments to put things into perspective.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Pronunciation: \ə-ˈdȯr\
Function: transitive verb

1. to regard with loving admiration and devotion <adored his wife>
2. to be very fond of <adores pecan pie/

We adore her; she adores us!