Saturday, March 28, 2009


Lilly never really had a completed nursery since we had always planned on it being a shared guestroom, which meant keeping a queen sized bed in the room.... which meant there wasn't much space. We decided not to paint and with so much furniture in there, I kept the wall decor minimal to avoid overstimulation.

Well, the bed made its exit around week 6, which left the room quite empty and sad. Now that Lilly is here, it is just too hard to paint the room, and without any windows, the sadness factor still remains. However, she now has some adorable wall art that I mentioned a few weeks ago, from etsy seller artandphilanthropy. She also has a website print*pattern*paper with lots of cute artwork!

Here are the framed pictures, along with a new felt birdie mobile I found at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet last week. The birds match the birdies in the center picture perfectly! Now that Lilly has developed healthy sleeping patterns and can put herself to sleep after a few minutes of playing in her crib, I felt comfortable hanging a mobile. Now, when she wakes up, I often hear her talking to the birdies and watching them hang out over her bed! It's too cute.

You can also see the yellow Cozy Wedge bumper inside her crib. This is one amazing company. After missing their 50% off sale at Green Baby Bargains, I thought "What the heck, I'm going to email the company and ask for the sale price!" Don't know where that ambition came from, but it worked! A company spokesperson replied with the nicest email, expressing their desire to help every mom provide safe products for their children, even in these tough economic times. I was so touched by her thoughtfullness and generosity in offerring me the sale price (I was even given my own personalized coupon code!) on the color of my choice (which is an even better deal) that I promised to spread the word of their great product once I got it home and gave it a try.

Well, friends, let me tell you-- it really is great! What prompted my search for a bumper alternative was waking up to Lilly crying three mornings in a row. These were CRY cries. "Help me!" cries. All three mornings I found her arm hanging out of the crib and her head smooshed against the crib slats. I knew she needed something, but I just cannot bring myself to hang a bumper in her crib. We all have our "things" and that's one of mine. I don't want to offend anyone, so just to level the playing field, I'll throw out a little confession. Lilly sleeps with 2, sometimes 3 blankets in her crib. Yeah, so take my fear for what it's worth!

Anyway, the Cozy Wedge bumper really is awesome. It only comes up about 2 inches along the crib slats, but its wedge shape offers a little ramp inside the crib. The organic cotton sleeve is nice and soft, but the foam inserts are stiff enough that an air pocket cannot be created between an infant's face and the bumper. A+ product.

And since it's in the picture, the Sleep Sheep deserves some love as well. My Sister-in-Law found this little cutie back when our babes were newborns and thankfully she and my mom picked one up for Lilly. It plays four different sounds (Spring Showers, Mother's Heartbeat, Whale Songs and Ocean Surf) and you can switch between 24 and 45 minute playing times. I wish it could go longer as sometimes Lilly wakes up when it shuts off, but truthfully, for a battery-operated toy, its battery life is impressive (3 months later, we're still on the same batteries-- and this thing gets used at EVERY nap and EVERY bedtime). We should probably switch to an electronic gadget if we want to play the sounds longer. But for now, the Sleep Sheep remains our hero! Sometimes I'll put Lilly down and walk out of her room, only to hear her start crying. Often, the problem is that I forgot to turn on the Sleep Sheep! The girl needs her Spring Showers:)

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Trisha.R.Jackson said...

I <3 the mobile!! Thanks for the 411 on the crib bumper. We swaddle D so that she doesn't flail around waking herself up. Since we've propped her mattress up for her reflux, she's now become a wiggle worm and moves to a horiztonal position every night! I found her head against the slats last night :(.