Thursday, March 12, 2009


Dear Lilly,
You are no longer my scrawny little newborn baby girl who came home from the hospital weak, starving... and orange! Thankfully we took care of the orange part right away. But the weak and starving part? It took a little time, but you are offically a chubby baby! Lately your reflux has been wreaking havoc in the evenings, which had Mommy and Daddy stumped, but today Dr. A (our hero) figured out the problem. You have more than doubled your birth weight in under 3 months! You now weigh 13 lbs 5 oz and are a delightfully pudgy munchkin.

I've been itching to buy you your first bathing suit for the summer, but I just have no idea where you'll be weighing in come June, so for now I think I better wait (Although it's really hard! And don't, for one second, think you're getting one of those tacky baby string bikinis. Sorry, babe. Good luck wearing a string bikini around your father when your thirty.)

Keep up the good work, honey! You look adorable and are feel so warm and cuddly in my arms. The chubbier, the better!



Jenn said...

Love the baby bathing suits!! Too cute, but yeah... string bikinis for babies... eh...

Alison said...

Yay for chunky babies! Jenna was 13.6 when she was admitted to the hospital on Saturday night. The nurse told me she was "well fleshed." LOL

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

I've been eyeing those suits too! Yeah for chubby babies! I <3 rolls :)