Thursday, March 12, 2009


Spring is just around the corner, but we're already seeing lots of refreshing things at the K-tell household these days! For instance...

Last night's sunset during dinner. A much welcomed change to Ohio's gloomy, gray winter skies.

A happy baby! It turns out you have to provide more for your baby than spindles, ceiling fan lights and Mom's face if you want to yield some smiles. Lilly's choice smile-inducing-brightly-colored-crap of the day? The exercauser and flying butterfly combo.

I can sit Lilly in a contraption and get something done (While she ignores rigged toys--yes, I do have a dangly ratttle/ring thing taped to her seat and strategically NOT included in the picture, safe mother that I am, to watch The Office. Mother of the Year, here!) But to be able to make coffee or go to the gosh darn bathroom without running? That is refreshing.

Can you find what's missing in this picture? OK, I'll tell you. Tears. Turns out if you treat the babe like a Princess and do things like washing her feet while she lounges, she'll not only keep the tears at bay, but she'll also pose for pictures. This only took nearly 3 months to figure out! Refreshing to know.

Nothing is more refreshing than going coatless in the Springtime! Also, this flag was hung the day Lilly was born, but it's taken 3 months for the weather to not be frigid enough to step outside and take a picture with it. Please ignore my daughter's belly showing. Her father already spoke with her about this.


Katie said...

You both look absolutely adorable!

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

I love the picture of you two! I can't wait for the day to make coffee and pee without running to retrieve the binky!

BTW - we have the same swing!

Jenn said...

You make me laugh. That is one little adorable Princess you have there. And I LURVE that hat in that beautiful picture of you two... Did a certain Katie make it? :)