Monday, March 16, 2009


I almost forgot! Lilly has started trying to sit up in my lap. After her 5/6am bottle, she likes to lean back against me on my lap and watch the news with me. (Can you believe how smart she is? She totally watches the NASDAQ too.) This used to be a nice, quiet, relaxing segue* into our day, considering I'm usually still half asleep and not ready to be perky.

But now I can feel her trying to lift herself off of me and sit up. She obviously can't do it on her own, but if I let her hold onto my thumbs she will pull herself up.

Perhaps not the most earth-shattering milestone, but when you consider what very little an infant is physically capable of up to this point, it's pretty huge! OK, it's huge to me;)

*Andrea, the word "segue" always makes me think of you!


Fumbling Towards Adulthood said...

(Argggg! I lost track of the blog for a few days! I'm playing catch-up big time!)

Anyway, YAYAYAYAY Lilly for using her little muscles and sitting up. I am so proud of her! It IS a big deal, and it's the first of many more amazing milestones headed your way. :)

PS, I always laugh to myself whenever I see "segue", too. "Seg-yooo?"
PPS, Josh and I will miss y'all tomorrow...we're thinking about going to an Irish pub in Massillon and requesting a table for 4 -- wait, 5! with Lilly! -- a la Will and Grace. That way, you guys will be with us in spirit. MISS YOU! LOVE YOU!

Jessica said...

i read the article (and all the comments about it on the nest). i prefer to stay out of the drama, but i liked the article. formula has come a long way and while i think "breast is best" and am heartbroken that i wasn't able to do it, i'm done trying to justify the way i feed my baby. (i feel like we should high-five here! :P)