Monday, March 16, 2009


Just dropping in to say hi! Lilly and I have colds and are feeling down in the dumps. We spent the weekend in Indiana with my parents, which was exciting because the weather was gorgeous and the lake looked so pretty on Sunday. I am so ready for summer! Unfortunately, being away for a weekend is not supportive of an infant's daily routine, especially because I was bridesmaids dress shopping all day Saturday, so I wasn't even around to make sure "rules" were being followed.

Yeah, rules. We got 'em and we got 'em for a reason, mainly because when all is said and done Mommy has to pick up the pieces and deal with a cranky, confused and fussy baby once we're back home.

But we did have a nice weekend. We're both zonked, so it's time to squeeze in a nap:)

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The Platt Family said...

I know! Owen has rules too. But for some reason I am the only one who knows how to follow them!