Friday, February 27, 2009


I caption this photo:

"Before all hell broke loose and I thought Lilly's toss was funny"

What followed was more like this:

"Honey, please come home now (sniff). I am failing (excessively snotty sniff). I can't do it all! The baby threw up on me, Midas ran away, the paper boy's dad found him and brought him home, I ran outside in a tanktop, sweat pants and Crocs with a screaming baby in my arm, the groceries are melting in the trunk, my shoes are on the wrong feet and I NEED YOU HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Did I mention I accidentally brought home our emergency child care cell phone? FABULOUS.

And now that the monster, erhm, Angel, is asleep I might just eat some lunch... since it's practically dinner fahhreaking time!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Checkin' things out from Lilly's perspective...

And, P.S., Lilly slept through the night last night:) First time!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Geek alert! Geek alert!

I was an English major in college, but chose a Writing concentration over one in Literature. I'm a much better writer than reader... and can't say I enjoy much of anything written prior to the past half decade.

I managed to get through Brit Lit I & II because it was glittered with fun words like "hoarfrost" and "puissant", which any college kid could have fun with.


And although you would think American Lit would have been right up my alley (being an American and all), nah, can't really say I enjoyed that. Which is why I often skipped reading assignments and instead took really good notes based on everyone else's interpretations.

I'm pretty sure we (as in, everyone but me) read Pride and Prejudice, but then again, I could have been nursing a hangover the day we discussed it and was therefor more interested in devising a plan to get to the nearest trash can without causing a scene. (True story.)

Thankfully I am older and oh so much wiser (and a much cheaper date with a much lower alcohol tolerance) and have a bit more self-control. A bit, I said. Today my self-control issues revolve more around Dove chocolates and Honey BBQ Fritos than ice-luges or beer by the gallon. (Another true story.) (Do you know I picked up a nasty li'l case of Mono from an ice-luge filled evening?) (And that our campus bar sold beer in gallon milk jugs?!) (ALL TRUE STORIES!)

Gosh, I was really cool.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, about to impress you with my impeccable maturity and refined literature pallette. I am getting ready to depart on a literary adventure into the land of The Canon. More specifically, Jane Austen.

I'm going to read all of her books. Stories? Novels? Works? Ah yes, that was the literary tongue for which I was searching. I am even going to read them in the order in which they were written. Or shall I say, penned?

OK, the truth is, I watched this really good movie called The Jane Austen Book Club and it inspired me to go back and read a few of the stories that I was supposed to read in college, but didn't have the time or patience for. Becuase now that I have a newborn and am back to work, I have a ton of both. Have I mentioned I've also begun knitting and crocheting again? I might even join "Fiber Club" on Thursday nights and the local yarn shop. Mmm hmm.

So, next time you see me, do not be alarmed if I have my hair in a bun, secured with knitting needles, while my nose is pressed between the pages of Northanger Abbey, which I hear has to do with sex! Hot dog! Too bad it's not first on the list. Go figure, I have to start out with something dignified like Sense and Sensibility. Ho hum. The sex'll have to wait.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Lilly's doctor assured me that she is not Autistic.

Just stingey with her smiles.

Yes, I did ask.

I'm a mom... it's my job to think too much.

She must have heard me ask.

She gives me a good cheese at least once a day now.

Back atcha, Babe;)

Monday, February 23, 2009


We did it!! And, even better, we loved it!!

So this morning went great-- she took her 5am bottle and went back to sleep. We had to leave at 7:15 and she was sound asleep, so I just put her in her carseat, still in her jammies and took her clothes for her to change into at school.

She slept the whole way there and transitioned over very easily. She took a bottle a little after 8, played for an hour and went to sleep... on her back! She's been only sleeping on her side, but I told her teachers to give her back a try since she is normally propped against something on her side and we can't do that there... so I am very happy she was fine, reflux and all.

I thought I'd be itching to go by 11:30, but at 12:05, my director and I were chatting away in the office and I felt so calm and relaxed. I think today was the first time in 9 weeks that I've done something-- anything-- without feeling rushed. I knew Lilly was in good hands and was doing great. I picked her up about 12:10 and she was a little fussy, but calmed down as soon as she was in my arms and conked out within 1 minute.

I'm sure the constant noise was a little irritating for her, but it will also allow us to have some alone, quiet time together right when we get home, which she and I both really enjoyed today. I am just so proud of her... and I feel full of life again:)

I'll do 8-12 the rest of this week and then 12-4 next week before starting full time again, which I am very glad about. I wasn't so sure about giving up 2 weeks of maternity leave in order to transition, but now I am glad I'm doing it this way.

Oh! And I only peeked in on her twice... and both times she was PLAYING with toys that I guarentee she would ignore at home. It was fun to see! (It was kind of like "wellll, I guess I'm on my own now... hmm, what are these shiny things?!")

I can't get over how exhausted she is. I really think this is going to do wonders for her sleeping and will get her closer to STTN than if she and I were home alone day after day. And best of all, Matt and I had a lovely evening with her, just soaking up every ounce of cuteness and marvelling at how grown up she seems.

And dare I say that I've missed her during all this sleeping... I just want to go in her room, pull up a chair and rub her back, stroke her hair, stare at her... . I miss my sweet patootie:)


I found this letter lying on Lilly's diaper bag this morning...

Dear Lilly,

Today is the first day of child care for you. If you need anything, don't be afraid to cry out as Mommy works there as the assistant director. Although other people will now start to help care for you, do not ever forget that no one can love you as much as Mommy and I do.



Sunday, February 22, 2009


How did



Tomorrow is the day I couldn't wait for during the long, sleepless, colicky nights... when daytime and nighttime all blurred together into one, along with feedings, naps and diaper changes. Oftentimes I didn't even know what day it was and I considered myself on top of things when my teeth were brushed, my underwear were clean and my hoodie matched my sweatpants. I didn't know how on earth I would get to the end of February, but I knew that by the time this date rolled around, we would be past the bad stuff and onto the stuff that makes hearts melt. Or at least I was counting on it.

So as I rocked Lilly after her bedtime bottle tonight and the fine little fuzzies on her head tickled my nose and she serenaded me with her precious eating sounds, my heart wilted in sadness thinking that tomorrow is the day that she becomes a big girl.

I don't want to leave my baby tomorrow. No one in the world could love her as much as her daddy and I do. No one else knows how to hold her, belly to belly, in just the right way to calm her into a peaceful sleep. Or the way she likes to have her back rubbed during tummy time. Or that when she grunts right after lying down in her crib it means she needs to burp onnnnne more time. Or that she only likes a pacifier in her mouth occasionally, and when she does she only likes it for a couple minutes, but during those couple minutes she needs us to hold it for her. Sure, these are all things I can tell her fill-in mommies tomorrow, but it's just. not. the same.

This afternoon I despairingly packed her bag, labeled her bottles, found just the right pillow to put under her mattress, and filled out all the forms I've been putting off for days. When I got to "Name: " I couldn't see through my tears to fill in "Lillian Curtis, Sweet Baby Girl, My Gift from God, My Everything. Please Be Good To Her"

And yet, after I hand her over to Crystal and Marissa at 8am sharp and walk the ten steps over to my office, knowing full well that I am blessed beyond comparison to have my daughter just steps away, in wonderfully caring hands, I know I will cry. I know my heart will wilt a bit more. I know that 12:00 won't come soon enough. What I don't know is at what time I crossed the line from loving my daughter to loving her so much it hurts.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Yuck. Shots today.

Thankfully she's only getting 2 of them, but still. It's bringing back images of her zillion heel sticks when she was in the hospital. I hope it's quick and painless... and that the next day or so go smoothly. We're at the end of our time alone together and I don't want it to be miserable for her.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Dear Lilly,

Two months ago today I woke up in my hospital room to see a red-faced, sleepy-eyed, warm little bundle staring at me from her isolette at the foot of my bed. It's hard to believe how far you've come in 64 days of life.

You now grab on to everything your little fingers can find, whether it be the neck of my shirt as I lower you into the bathtub (screaming), my hair as you wiggle your fingers while drifting off to sleep on my shoulder or the inside of your sleeve as I try desperately to slide it over your teeny hands without hurting you.

The spindles on the loft and staircase continue to provide hours of entertainment, as does the ceiling fan and lights. Sometimes I'll turn flashlight on and shine it at the wall for your eyes to follow.

Your tummy troubles are much more under control now, despite your projectile vomit (all over me, thank you) right before getting your bath a few nights ago. Mommy still can't believe that the pharmacy made such a horrific mistake with your Zantac prescription. I think I will feel guilty about that one forever... yes, as you walk down the aisle one day I'll be thinking "Ohhh, the Zantac!"

Speaking of walking down the aisle... Mommy and Daddy have a few prospects for you. As it stands there are 3, and only 3 suitable boys for you to one day date and marry.

Daddy's co-worker has a little boy named Anterro who was born on the day that our first little baby was expected to arrive. Daddy thinks the best career path for you would be to become the first lady president, after marrying Anterro, and then Elizabeth, Seth, Daddy and I will all move into the White House with the two of you. And the dogs, of course.

Next is Mommy's dear friend Suzie's little munchkin, Leo. I know right now he lives in Los Angeles, but let me tell you darling, he was just signed by Ford Model company... and it's no surprise. He is downright precious. Plus, Mommy and Suzie have been planning your marriage for some time.

And finally, we have a question mark. A BIIIIG question mark, that is. You see, Mommy and Daddy's dear friends Lisa and David have been trying to have a baby for many, many years. They, too, have had many sad days in their lives. This September, they will be welcoming either a Little Lisa or a Little David into the world. If it's a Little David, Daddy and I decided this would be a fantastic arrangement. All of the in-laws would get along great and you will learn someday that this is quite rare.

So, my darling, as you see Mommy has spent many days dreaming of your future. I try to soak up every moment of the here and now, but it's hard not to let my imagination wander when I look into your beautiful eyes full of such potential. But no matter what, Mommy and Daddy will always love you. Even if you decide to become a nun and marry God. The wedding won't be quite the same, but I'm sure we can come up with something fantastic:)

I love you more and more every day.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I just google imaged a topic I'm too embarrassed to share with y'all and was taken to Baby Snap Portraits. I did a double take when I saw the photo of the baby at the top of the page. It looks just like Lilly!

OK, now that it's on my blog, I don't see it quite as much. But I'm telling you, when I saw this, I thought someone stole my daughter for a minute when wasn't looking.

Also, my brother and sister-in-law had the most adorable photos taken of their little Owen (remember, same bday as Lillers?) where the photographer put him in a crocheted cocoon as well as different ceramic bowls. They turned out so adorable!

The other day I was searching etsy for a crocheted hat for Lilly to wear in her 3-month photos and kept seeing all these cute little crocheted cocoons for photography props. And the bowls? They were in a handful of the google image pictures that came up when I searched for said mystery topic.

Quite the phenomenon. Someone came up with one heck of an adorable idea and it appears to be sweeping the baby nation.

Ironically, our photogapher emailed me a link to an etsy crocheted hat she's thinking of purchasing as a prop... we hadn't even discussed etsy or hats together. I'm thinking of buying her one as a thank you for offerring to waive all of Lilly's portrait fees for the rest of her life in exchange for being cute. Ha, who could argue?

Here is an example of what I ordered Lilly... just like the bottom middle beanie, only with a cream flower. If you like what you see, check out seller LilyKnitting for more of her cute work! (And only Lilly's cheesey mother would see the connection between getting my Little Beansie a beanie from LilyKnitting.)

And now, to ramble a little more, my mom is coming to visit for a few days. This afternoon we are going to a cute little quilt shop so I can look dreamily at all the fabric I have no time to do anything with and patterns I'll never have time to use on the fabric I'll never have time to do anything with.

But THEN we're going to a yarn shop. I haven't knit or crochted anything since college and all these cute baby beanies, as well as Ariana from Becoming Mom, have inspired me. How hard can they be?!?

And to tout etsy a little more, I finally picked out some pretty things to go on Lilly's nursery walls, now that there is SO MUCH ROOM in there without the queen-sized bed taking up so much cotton picking space. Here's what I went with, made from recycled paper, from seller artandphilanthropy:

Their names are "Birds on a Wire", "Three Trees" and "Turtle Family". I can't wait to see them!

As you can see, I really need to go back to work so I quit sitting around buying insanely adorable stuff.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am married to such a goofball. Thankfully that's one of the things I love most about him, so hey, it's a win-win! I wish I could be half as quick and witty as he is. Or maybe I'll just hope that Lilly inherited his silly genes. After all, we don't call her Silly Lilly for nothing.


While on a walk with Lilly and Midas a couple days ago...

Me: I think I still want to have 4 kids.

Matt: I think you're still crazy.

Me: You're the one who already wants another.

Matt: Yeah, 1 more.

Me: Let's just have 17 more, like the Duggars.

Matt: You better find yourself 16 more husbands.


Last night, when I woke up at 4am starving for the 3rd night in a row...

Me: Weezie...

Matt: Hmfeeze?

Me: I'm starving again.

Matt: Order a pizza!

OK, maybe I find him funnier than you will or maybe you had to be there. At any rate, I now bring you "The Sweet Sounds of Lillian Rebecca". Please ignore her father's psychodelic attempt at making viewers vomit. And ignore my inability to quit laughing. FOCUS ON THE BABY.

Monday, February 16, 2009


It's funny how some people will look at Lilly and say "She looks just like her father" but then the same day someone else will say how much she looks like me. Usually though, we hear that she is 100% Matt's girl. So I was really excited by the comments from Lilly's V-day post that she looked like me! Thanks, guys!

(Funny, too, that as I typed this I overheard Matt tell Lilly "You are a good lookin' baby"... haha)

I took a couple pictures of Matt's and my baby pics... I only have 1 of Matt (His Momma won't give me any more. And she keeps asking for this one back too. Hmmph.)

It's hard for either of us to see a resemblence because we look at her every day. What do you guys think?

Matt- 2 weeks old

Me- a month or 2 old??

Me- 3 months old

I definitely see Lilly in Matt's picture... especially those lips!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Super Lilly wants to wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009


One year ago I was at a very low point, about 2 weeks into mourning the loss of a future with a baby we would never hold, never see... whose soft head we would never stroke, whose toes we would never tickle. February was a very sad month.

By May, we found out we were pregnant again. With a baby whose eyes we hadn't yet gazed into, whose nose we hadn't yet kissed, whose name we did not even know. That little Beansie became our sweet Lilly, whose belly we now tickle, whose long eyelashes make our hearts flutter... whose gummy smile we've just begun to see!

Last week a neighbor told me that when babies smile it means they are seeing an angel. I personally like this idea better than "when babies smile it means they have gas." Last night Lilly gave us her first real smile-- I thought she'd had real smiles before, but no. Not like this one. As I "goo-chi-goo-chi-goo'ed" the corners of her eyes turned up, and then the corners of her sweet lips... and there they were, those adorable baby gums smiling away at us! Again, this morning, as I rocked her before her morning lap, all nicely tucked into the crook of my arm, she looked up at me, turned her face in towards my chest and gave me a bashful grin.

It certainly warms my heart to think that maybe, just maybe, her angel sister was with us at those moments, whispering to Lilly, "Go for it."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

It all started out innocently...

Unfortunately, no one explained the #1 Slumber Party Rule to Lilly: Never be the first to fall asleep...

I just couldn't resist strippin' you down, honey!

And remember Katie's adorable Sweet Pea hat?

Well, check out how much Lilly's noggin has grown! It fits perfectly now!! And just in time for Lilly's 3 month photos in a couple weeks:)

This post is a thank you to both Katie and Christyn for their sweet thoughtfullness. The blankets and scarf are just adorable (no matter what you say, Christyn!) Lilly uses Christyn's pink nd green striped blanket in her carseat and, as Katie put it the pink white and teal blanket is "Lilly size!" so she can use it now and when she's a big girl she can wrap her dollies in it. I just love that:)

Julia, your blankie is next!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recognize this hiney?

Lilly's first order of leg warmers arrived on Friday and they are sooo snazzy! (Which is fitting, considering they came from, yuk yuk yuk) This particular pair is made my the brand, Hugalugs, and I am sold! They are soft, adorable, funky and stay up without leaving marks on Lilly's legs! They make diaper changes a cinch, keep socks from falling off, and yield lots of "oohs & ahh's" in public. Technically they are for ages 0-6 years, and as baby grows they become less bunchy, until they are simply too small, at which point they become ARM warmers! No, Lilly won't be wearing arm warmers. She can give them to her dollies at that point.

She has another pair of Hugalugs in red and yellow stripes, as well as a pumpkin orange pair from BabyLegs and a cornflower blue with navy blue stars pair from Melontree. The Melontree ones look a little bigger than the others, but we haven't tried them on yet. Reviews to come!

Enjoy these pictures from our baby book shower at Matt's school, Lilly's first basketball game, and a visit from Grandma & Grandpa C!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Part of the reason it's difficult to find blogging time in my day...

8 Dr. Brown's bottles
+ 8 nipples
+ 8 rings
+ 8 rubber stoppers
+ 8 ventillation tubes

= 40 parts

x 2 washes per day

= washing baby bottle parts all day long:)

(and a pair of icky dry hands to boot!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We're no longer nomadic!

Allow me to explain.

Wednesday evening we lost power due to a crazy snow/ice storm. Knowing we couldn't manage in a powerless, heatless, warm waterless house in the middle of winter, we packed up and headed to Aunt Pam's in Columbus for 2 nights. Lilly did great sleeping in her Pack & Play and Matt and I even got out for a lunch and purchased some new cell phones while we were at it! I did a little Target shopping and scored a case of Huggies wipes for 16 bucks. (Huggies wipes are my favorite-- all the quilted shapes make excellent poop grippers.)

Matt's cousin, Debbie, was en route from New York Friday morning, so I was panicking that the power wouldn't be back on and our trip would get cut short. She was coming down to meet Lilly, help us sort out her sleeping issues (separate post coming-- I am SO thrilled with Lilly's new routine!), get me past my anxiety of taking her out in public, teach me how to put an infant carrier into a shopping cart (This is not as easy as it sounds! All carts are different and they won't all fit a carrier, fyi), give us reflux tips, turn bathtime around... basically help us in every way possible! The woman is a saint and should market herself as the next Baby Whisperer. Thankfully our power came back on just in time and her visit started off great!

This is why we need a little reflux help 'round here. And this was a pretty mild barf!

Until Saturday afternoon when it went back out. We waited around for an hour, had a glass of wine, kicked around our options, and then decided Matt's parents' house would be our best bet. So off we went.

Lilly continued her new sleep schedule, even though it wasn't exactly ideal. She did well despite Matt's mom inviting gobs of family over to visit, which of course meant Lilly was passed around from person to person, dozing off in their arms. Luckily Sargent Debbie stepped in and made sure to get Lilly sleeping in "her" room as much as possible.

We stayed for the Super Bowl through Sunday and then had to head home, despite still not having power, because Matt had to be at work Monday morning. Yuck. We tried to get a hotel, but they were booked solid. The front desk man at the Holiday Inn offerred me a cup of coffee as a consolation, so I dropped the fact that I had a newborn in the car into the conversation hoping that he would suddenly remember one extra vacant room he'd forgotten about, but instead all I got was a cup of hot water to make her bottle with. Boo.

Lilly watching the game with her Aunt Katie

Here we are sitting in the car in front of the Holiday Inn, smooshed among a ton of baby stuff feeding the babe in the warm car before heading to the house. That's Debbie, loving on Lillers.

We got home around 2am, lit candles, bundled up (it was insanely cold, as you can imagine), got Lilly off to bed and braced for a bitterly cold night.

My poor daughter woke up with snotcicles and ice cube fingers, still without power. Debbie headed back to NY a little early and I re-packed everything and took off for my parents' house. Half way into the 3 hour drive, our power was turned back on. So back we came.

Even though this mess was a total pain, being stuck in other people's homes, losing everything from our refrigerator, cutting Debbie's visit short, etc. I was able to gain confidence in traveling with Lilly. She did wonderfully! She also got to meet her great grandmother and great aunt, which made us all happy. I now know that I can travel with her by myself and am comfortable finding a place to pull over and feed/change her if necessary (a hotel parking lot was yesterday's location of choice).

Grandma and Great Grandma

We've decided we're going to buy a generator once things calm down and we can actually find one. It's just too hard (although do-able!) dealing with a baby during with a power outage. We lose power pretty often it seems, so it should get decent use. Of course we'll end up buying one and never have another outage like this year again! But it'll be worth the peace of mind.