Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recognize this hiney?

Lilly's first order of leg warmers arrived on Friday and they are sooo snazzy! (Which is fitting, considering they came from BabySnazz.com, yuk yuk yuk) This particular pair is made my the brand, Hugalugs, and I am sold! They are soft, adorable, funky and stay up without leaving marks on Lilly's legs! They make diaper changes a cinch, keep socks from falling off, and yield lots of "oohs & ahh's" in public. Technically they are for ages 0-6 years, and as baby grows they become less bunchy, until they are simply too small, at which point they become ARM warmers! No, Lilly won't be wearing arm warmers. She can give them to her dollies at that point.

She has another pair of Hugalugs in red and yellow stripes, as well as a pumpkin orange pair from BabyLegs and a cornflower blue with navy blue stars pair from Melontree. The Melontree ones look a little bigger than the others, but we haven't tried them on yet. Reviews to come!

Enjoy these pictures from our baby book shower at Matt's school, Lilly's first basketball game, and a visit from Grandma & Grandpa C!


Amber said...

Those are adorable!

Collins Family said...

Love the leg warmers those are great! So cute!

Lynda said...

i flippin' love the baby leg warmers. i love them so much that i got my cousin-in-laws a couple of pairs for their twins. i have YET to see any photos of them in the baby legs. i'm afraid they don't have any idea how cool they are!!!!!!

and the baby, definitely a little cutie! ;-)

Bryna said...

We got leg warmers for Nola, but found that what we call "sock legs" work best! That would be my husbands shortie socks. They are Champion brand. Not nearly as fashionable, but warm nonetheless.

We are thinking of patenting them, so don't steal it!

Bryna said...

Oh my I just watched the slide show! She is the most precious little thing ever! Cutie patootie!