Monday, February 16, 2009


It's funny how some people will look at Lilly and say "She looks just like her father" but then the same day someone else will say how much she looks like me. Usually though, we hear that she is 100% Matt's girl. So I was really excited by the comments from Lilly's V-day post that she looked like me! Thanks, guys!

(Funny, too, that as I typed this I overheard Matt tell Lilly "You are a good lookin' baby"... haha)

I took a couple pictures of Matt's and my baby pics... I only have 1 of Matt (His Momma won't give me any more. And she keeps asking for this one back too. Hmmph.)

It's hard for either of us to see a resemblence because we look at her every day. What do you guys think?

Matt- 2 weeks old

Me- a month or 2 old??

Me- 3 months old

I definitely see Lilly in Matt's picture... especially those lips!


The Platt Family said...

I would have to say I see a little bit of both. Your baby pictures resemble each other a lot..

elizabeth said...

I think she favors mamma the most :) Maybe its the eyes?? Whatever it is, she is beautiful!