Monday, February 23, 2009


We did it!! And, even better, we loved it!!

So this morning went great-- she took her 5am bottle and went back to sleep. We had to leave at 7:15 and she was sound asleep, so I just put her in her carseat, still in her jammies and took her clothes for her to change into at school.

She slept the whole way there and transitioned over very easily. She took a bottle a little after 8, played for an hour and went to sleep... on her back! She's been only sleeping on her side, but I told her teachers to give her back a try since she is normally propped against something on her side and we can't do that there... so I am very happy she was fine, reflux and all.

I thought I'd be itching to go by 11:30, but at 12:05, my director and I were chatting away in the office and I felt so calm and relaxed. I think today was the first time in 9 weeks that I've done something-- anything-- without feeling rushed. I knew Lilly was in good hands and was doing great. I picked her up about 12:10 and she was a little fussy, but calmed down as soon as she was in my arms and conked out within 1 minute.

I'm sure the constant noise was a little irritating for her, but it will also allow us to have some alone, quiet time together right when we get home, which she and I both really enjoyed today. I am just so proud of her... and I feel full of life again:)

I'll do 8-12 the rest of this week and then 12-4 next week before starting full time again, which I am very glad about. I wasn't so sure about giving up 2 weeks of maternity leave in order to transition, but now I am glad I'm doing it this way.

Oh! And I only peeked in on her twice... and both times she was PLAYING with toys that I guarentee she would ignore at home. It was fun to see! (It was kind of like "wellll, I guess I'm on my own now... hmm, what are these shiny things?!")

I can't get over how exhausted she is. I really think this is going to do wonders for her sleeping and will get her closer to STTN than if she and I were home alone day after day. And best of all, Matt and I had a lovely evening with her, just soaking up every ounce of cuteness and marvelling at how grown up she seems.

And dare I say that I've missed her during all this sleeping... I just want to go in her room, pull up a chair and rub her back, stroke her hair, stare at her... . I miss my sweet patootie:)

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