Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We had our neighborhood Fall party on Sunday and despite Lilly having a cold, I think she enjoyed herself! The neighbors passed her around and kept her happy while her hungry parents were treated to a quick munch with both hands free! She spent most of the time crawling around on a blanket in the grass and taking her socks off. That might be the last warm Sunday afternoon for a while!

Am I the only mom whose pictures always end with something like this?!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Somebody got a little taste of whipped cream tonight.

And somebody found it so delightful, she giggled her way through that bite of sweet goodness!

Somebody has no idea what is in store for her in 7 weeks!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Guess who overreacted??? Although I'd like to think it was your prayers that turned this babycakes around.

So Lilly seems to be a-ok. Her temp never went over 100 yesterday and the doctor's office said, "We are telling people to wait a couple days and if the fever returns call us back." I was a tad irked in case she had strep, but I love the staff there, so I just let it go, knowing darn well that I'd be calling back the same day if the fever returned. But no fever! Yucky snotty nose, cough and general crankiness, but no fever.

So thank you for your prayers!!

And for fun, Lilly made a new friend this morning. I think she was attracted to this little girl's good looks.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


A quick prayer request for Lilly-

She was up last night with a fever, runny nose, painful cough, and her whole body was burning up. Her little hands felt like they came right out of the oven. She was weak, irritable and could not get comfy.

She's sleeping now and thankfully Matt's parents haven't left since bringing her back last night, so they are staying with her until Matt can leave work later this morning.

Please pray that the doctor's office will have an opening for her and this passes quickly. One of her classmates has H1N1 and her favorite teacher has strep.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Last week Lilly had her 9 month pictures taken by the one and only Lori! Unfortunately, she did not take a nap at school AT ALL that day (first time ever, of course) and we scheduled the pictures for right after school. Talk about a Mommy Oops!

Lots of crying and pouty bottom lips were captured, but the good news is, Matt and I love the pouty-face pictures because even though this girl is full of funny faces, she has her fair share of tantrums too. And we'll need proof of these tantrums in about 13 years.

And when Nicholas or Antero or Leo come a knockin' I'll have a great stash of embarrassing photos to whip out while Matt spit shines his gun and grunts.

Lori was so patient with both of us and has kindly offerred a re-do session for a Christmas picture. I certainly am thankful for this year-long gift of memories that she has given us! It truly is a gift that keeps on giving:).

So, have yourself a little sneak peek, why don't ya!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Cleaning out my camera...

Lilly got her first pair of real shoes last week. Well, first pair that fits. She has 2 pair of Stride Rites-- a size 3 and a 4, but neither fit. I took her to the Stride Rite store to be properly measured and that girlie is a 4.5 wide!! No wonder the first two did not fit. We went on my lunch break and here's what the nursery girls put on the board while we were gone:

(Do you see the "12:50-1:15" written to the right of the shoe? Yeah, that's her nap time. The entire nap. For the entire day.)

And, of course, the shoes! Her teachers put them up because her friends were trying to eat them.

Party pics from Antero's 1st Birthday

Lil's new sleeping position

Having fun at school

Monday, October 12, 2009


Today was a MUCH better day. After a day of playing at school (where Lilly snubbed me and reached out for her favorite teacher & babysitter when I visted after lunch) Matt met us in Lancaster for the fair. We figured since Lilly loved our fair so much, she'd love another fair too! We were a little wrong. It started out well... giant pumpkins, wild hairstlyes (which the Elephant Ear vendor referred to as "fairstlyes"), flashing lights, lively music...

And then came the live animals. Live, moving, mooing and clucking animals. The kind that have twitchy ears and dig in the ground. And look at small children, whispering so only the children can hear "You look tasty!"

And all the joys of an Ohio county fair (eh hmm) quickly go thunking to the ground as the stroller takes a U-turn and we hightail it to the Exit.

But not before taking a video of these adorable piggies dining on their Mama! I love how she just lays there like "Have at it kids."

Sunday, October 11, 2009


My posts are usually geared towards celebrating all the fun, cute, exciting and proud moments of Lilly's baby days. Pictures of toothy grins, whispy blonde hair clipped to the side in a bow, dimple aglow...

but that is not our every day. Let me just tell you.

This morning started early at 4:30am when baby girl decided she was tired of sleeping. In this house, no one gets out of bed before 6 on the weekends, which means sometimes Lilly has to play cheerfully (HA!) in her bed until 6:00 rolls around. I will even lay in bed for 20 minutes sometimes, watching the clock, but refusing to go in before 6 (Where does she get her stubbornness from?). Well, I think I gave in at 5:45 this morning and I walked into her room to be greeted with a scowl that said "Don't even try to be cheerful, Woman." A treturous diaper change ensued, followed by fussy play time and a quick pre-church nap.

When we picked baby girl up from the church nursery, she was handed off to us with a look of relief as we were told "Sheee's a little fussy." Gulp. Great.

Home for a nap, then off to the grocery store where she cried the whole time until the cashier, who probably heard the wails all the way from the dairy aisle, gave us a sympathetic tilt of the head and asked "Cutting teeth?" WELL YOU WOULD THINK, the way she carried on like a crazed child lunatic, but she has a zillion of those already, so no dice there.

She basically ate nothing today, scoffed in the face of trying a sippy cup of formula (in fact, she clocked me in the face with it as I tried to cuddle her and help her become one with the sippy cup), and kicked every clean diaper out of my hand.

I know I uttered the following at some point during the day:

"Please pick her up and get her out of here."
"Something is biting me."
"Baby for sale!"
"Oh Lilly, why did you give Midas your pickle?"
"It is not OK to slap Mommy."

Today was so unpleasant that once Matt took her off to bed, I retreated to our bathroom and proceeded to scrub the shower. For the record, I HATE scrubbing our shower. But tonight it was quiet, productive, theraputic and that shower did NOT cry, whine or slap.

Praise God.

Saturday, October 10, 2009



I hope you know how much I love you. I never knew a love like this existed-- I never imagined I could love someone so much that the thought of them sleeping 10 feet away, yet on the opposite side of a wall, felt like too, too far.

In your lifetime, I hope to give you more than enough hugs, doubly enough kisses and tripley enough "I love you's" so you never doubt, for a single second, how very much you are loved.


Friday, October 9, 2009


Here's how I found Lil this morning... proud as ever!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Lilly spent the day with her Grandma and Grandpa C. They took her to Clear Creek Metro Park, Mingo Park and then to dinner at the golf course. She took over 3 hours worth of naps and ate like a champ. She was a happy little girl.

And when I came home, she pulled herself up by the rocker footstool! Grandma and Grandpa acted like it was a first, so I'll just go with that and pretend like it was the first time, even if it wasn't;) She looked so proud of herself!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Just a little note to remember that today was the due date of the little one we lost. We've come a long, long way and feel blessed and fulfilled with our Lilly. While I sometimes wonder what that child would have looked like, whether it was a son or daughter, what could have been, etc., I have to remind myself that God's plan was for this little one to come and bless us for a short physical time, but to teach us, challenge us and prepare us for a lifetime of deep, unconditional, and whole-hearted love. We are better parents for the path we have walked... and better people in general. We love you, dear babe.

For you will lighten my lamp, The Lord my God will enlighten my darkness. Psalm 18:28

Monday, October 5, 2009


Some babies get cowlicks. Lilly gets dog licks.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


What a great afternoon we had with our little squirt! She giggled her way through the pumpkin patch, smiled ear to ear during the hayride and best of all, enjoyed people watching. Enjoy the slideshow!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We had our photo shoot in the sunflower field this morning. It was GORGEOUS!!! Lilly was very much into the bright yellow flowers everywhere, so many of the pictures are of the back of her head, but even those are cute:)

The inspiration for this location came from Lori, whose kiddos gave her a run for her money! Check out her pics... same little corner of the same big field! Thank you for the idea, Lori.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Tomorrow Lilly and I will be spending lots of quality time together while Daddy participates in a golf outing for school and takes care of the hooligans at the Homecoming dance. I have found that the best way to get through long days alone is to keep busy. My stand-by's are the grocery store and the park, but with the cold and chilly weather, the park days may be limited.

My friend and faaabbulous photographer, Lori, clued me in on an awesome little field of sunflowers nearby. I drove by yesterday to be sure the frost hadn't nipped them and was happy to see they are still standing strong! They are not the gigantic sunflowers-- maybe hip-heigth-- and so cute! So as long as the rain holds out tomorrow, I'm hoping to take Lilly for some pictures.

Sunday we are taking the babe to the pumpkin patch after church. Now those will be some GREAT pictures!! Her Treanse Grandma bought her the cutest pumpkin outfit last year, before she was born, and it looked so big at the time! I can't believe pumpkin season is here and the outfit fits perfectly:)