Monday, October 12, 2009


Today was a MUCH better day. After a day of playing at school (where Lilly snubbed me and reached out for her favorite teacher & babysitter when I visted after lunch) Matt met us in Lancaster for the fair. We figured since Lilly loved our fair so much, she'd love another fair too! We were a little wrong. It started out well... giant pumpkins, wild hairstlyes (which the Elephant Ear vendor referred to as "fairstlyes"), flashing lights, lively music...

And then came the live animals. Live, moving, mooing and clucking animals. The kind that have twitchy ears and dig in the ground. And look at small children, whispering so only the children can hear "You look tasty!"

And all the joys of an Ohio county fair (eh hmm) quickly go thunking to the ground as the stroller takes a U-turn and we hightail it to the Exit.

But not before taking a video of these adorable piggies dining on their Mama! I love how she just lays there like "Have at it kids."


Alyssa mommy said...

I love this picture of her in her stoller! Is it bad I think pictures of crying babies are so cute???

Michelle said...

Aww, poor Lilly! At least fair season is over, maybe she'll be braver next year!

I would not want to be a mama pig...have you seen baby pigs' teeth?! They're crazy sharp! Ouch.

Lisa said...

I do love the video, though I am really jealous she gets to just lay there and sleep!