Sunday, October 11, 2009


My posts are usually geared towards celebrating all the fun, cute, exciting and proud moments of Lilly's baby days. Pictures of toothy grins, whispy blonde hair clipped to the side in a bow, dimple aglow...

but that is not our every day. Let me just tell you.

This morning started early at 4:30am when baby girl decided she was tired of sleeping. In this house, no one gets out of bed before 6 on the weekends, which means sometimes Lilly has to play cheerfully (HA!) in her bed until 6:00 rolls around. I will even lay in bed for 20 minutes sometimes, watching the clock, but refusing to go in before 6 (Where does she get her stubbornness from?). Well, I think I gave in at 5:45 this morning and I walked into her room to be greeted with a scowl that said "Don't even try to be cheerful, Woman." A treturous diaper change ensued, followed by fussy play time and a quick pre-church nap.

When we picked baby girl up from the church nursery, she was handed off to us with a look of relief as we were told "Sheee's a little fussy." Gulp. Great.

Home for a nap, then off to the grocery store where she cried the whole time until the cashier, who probably heard the wails all the way from the dairy aisle, gave us a sympathetic tilt of the head and asked "Cutting teeth?" WELL YOU WOULD THINK, the way she carried on like a crazed child lunatic, but she has a zillion of those already, so no dice there.

She basically ate nothing today, scoffed in the face of trying a sippy cup of formula (in fact, she clocked me in the face with it as I tried to cuddle her and help her become one with the sippy cup), and kicked every clean diaper out of my hand.

I know I uttered the following at some point during the day:

"Please pick her up and get her out of here."
"Something is biting me."
"Baby for sale!"
"Oh Lilly, why did you give Midas your pickle?"
"It is not OK to slap Mommy."

Today was so unpleasant that once Matt took her off to bed, I retreated to our bathroom and proceeded to scrub the shower. For the record, I HATE scrubbing our shower. But tonight it was quiet, productive, theraputic and that shower did NOT cry, whine or slap.

Praise God.


The Schuetz Family said...

It must just be that kind of day. Zoe has been a crab all day today too.

LeAnna said...

Bless your heart! I think it's funny you cleaned the shower, I probably would have done the same thing, only I get to goin' on the dishes. ;) Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Jessica said...

thank GOODNESS i was not the only one who suffered through a hellacious weekend. chloe, who is working on teeth #2, was a monster. evidently she's going to have explosive diarrhea for a few weeks before each tooth pops through so that made her a monster covered in poop. fun times. :)

Bryna said...

But the good far makes up for the evil - wouldn't you say??