Friday, October 23, 2009


Guess who overreacted??? Although I'd like to think it was your prayers that turned this babycakes around.

So Lilly seems to be a-ok. Her temp never went over 100 yesterday and the doctor's office said, "We are telling people to wait a couple days and if the fever returns call us back." I was a tad irked in case she had strep, but I love the staff there, so I just let it go, knowing darn well that I'd be calling back the same day if the fever returned. But no fever! Yucky snotty nose, cough and general crankiness, but no fever.

So thank you for your prayers!!

And for fun, Lilly made a new friend this morning. I think she was attracted to this little girl's good looks.


Poppy said...

Better to over-react than under-react. So glad your little pumpkin is on the mend.

The Schuetz Family said...

How could she not want to be friends with that ADORABLE little girl!;)

I'm glad she is feeling better.

Alyssa mommy said...

Yep that was me! I totally paniced when Alyssa had a fever. Crazy, the girls have the same halloween shirt too!

Bryna said...

Glad she is okay!

And that is adorable.