Thursday, October 15, 2009


Cleaning out my camera...

Lilly got her first pair of real shoes last week. Well, first pair that fits. She has 2 pair of Stride Rites-- a size 3 and a 4, but neither fit. I took her to the Stride Rite store to be properly measured and that girlie is a 4.5 wide!! No wonder the first two did not fit. We went on my lunch break and here's what the nursery girls put on the board while we were gone:

(Do you see the "12:50-1:15" written to the right of the shoe? Yeah, that's her nap time. The entire nap. For the entire day.)

And, of course, the shoes! Her teachers put them up because her friends were trying to eat them.

Party pics from Antero's 1st Birthday

Lil's new sleeping position

Having fun at school


Bryna said...

TOO CUTE! And I used to say that my daughter's feet (at that point) was a 4.5 round. :)

Bead Up said...

I think the picture of her face with all sorts of cake on it NEEDS to be in her senior year book. TOO PRECIOUS.

Priscilla said...

Do you know brand is the mirror stand at the birthday party?

My daughter would LOVE that!!!