Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We had our neighborhood Fall party on Sunday and despite Lilly having a cold, I think she enjoyed herself! The neighbors passed her around and kept her happy while her hungry parents were treated to a quick munch with both hands free! She spent most of the time crawling around on a blanket in the grass and taking her socks off. That might be the last warm Sunday afternoon for a while!

Am I the only mom whose pictures always end with something like this?!


Bryna said...

Again, adorable! How do you deal with such cuteness!!!!

Nine said...

Definitely not! I have a ton of pictures of a blurry hand. She is so cute!!

Trisha R Jackson said...

I am so behind since switching everything over to my new email address. Lilly is beautiful! No, you're not the only mom. Most of my pictures end up that way. I have to take 10 for everyone 1 good one I get.