Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We leave for vacation tomorrow! And in honor of that, my co-worker Chris did the following:

Jamaica bound:) Well... after a day of roller skating with the kids. A white girl roller skating with corn rows?!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


What a beautiful night!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Clippers Game today!

Krash, the crazy parrot (LouSeal's First Mate-- who makes this stuff up?) Parrot douses us for 5 minutes straight with scuz water. That whole dang stadium and the sea mammal chooses to soak us like some kinda fool. What ever happened to throwing baseballs into the stands? Check out the jet stream on that bad boy!

LouSeal, the much-favored mascot, just being friendly, without drenching fans in his nast.

Check out the wings on that flag. (note the sarcasm, as the wind speed was -3000 in the park) Bring back the parrot!

Suddenly Katie perks up as White Castle burgers (which I recently heard someone refer to as "rat burgers"-- the nerve!) are being flung overhead. Suddenly my team spirit is at an all-time high. Dustin got lucky, but Katie promised herself a stack of steamy burgers after her "I-have-one-week-til-Jamaica-so-all-I-can-eat-is-bark-and-water" diet.

And then some hottie on our team breaks a bat AND THE CROWD GOES WILD.

My buddy, Austin. I taught him the na, na-na, na-na-na-na HEY, but he seemed to HEY on every na and it just turned ugly.

Finally, the weenies. A Clippers game wouldn't be complete without the racing dogs!

Monday, July 16, 2007


The following conversation took place on the playground:

*editor's note: cobe is perhaps my favorite kid... and of course the most adorable 6 year old blondey ever... with an extreme lisp.*

Issac: Mrs. Teacher? I have to go to the bathroom.
Me: You'll have to wait, buddy. We just got out here.
Issac: But I have to go bad.
Cobe: Sometimes if you hold it long enough...
Me: It just goes away?
Cobe: Yeah. It's kinda creepy. But sometimes? It leaks.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I was having a teensy bit of a bad day after yesterday's camp debauchery (kids + Friday the 13th = a mess), coming home to an empty house without power, followed by our cable going out from 6:30pm til 10am (which also explains why I passed out for the night at 7pm) and just being here by myself in general is kinda sucky... and boring... especially without cable (there went last night's Lifetime movie marathon!) But then... there was a knock at the door the a delightful chap on the other side handed me these:

Matt is wonderful husband.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today marks 16 weeks of waiting for our passports that were supposed to take 6-8, then 10-12 and now they should arrive July 24th--2 days before we leave for Jamaica-- making it 18 weeks total. If, that is, they show up. So irritating. I waited on hold for 35 minutes to be told that I can print some proof of application from the Dept. of State's Web site if the passports don't come in time. Umm, jip? I want my stamp, fools. I plan on making babies in the year 2008 (ok, maybe 1 baby) so I doubt I'll be leaving the country again any time soon. So gimme my stamp, wahhhhhhh.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

7.11.07 v.2.0

I don't know which is better, although the kids singing about Hill up on the Hill is a little creepy. Obama's gets an A for the hook. And is it wierd that I find him slightly attractive? Probably no wierder than my crush on Doogie Howser. At least Obama's straight. For now.

The obsession with CNN and FoxNews is at an all-time high. I know, FoxNews isn't "real" news. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But it's sooooo good. The Food Network and MTV have taken a total backseat to 49 and 39 at the Curtis household. And with entertainment like this? Who can blame us?!


I have so many conversations throughout my day that I walk away from thinking "that's totally blogworthy" but then I either forget what was said by the time I get around to blogging (which is usually like 3 days later) or an even better conversation takes place and then I can't decide which is most blogworthy and then I think too far into it and then none of them seem blogworthy in the end.

But not this one.

It happened last night, a few Molson XXX's into the All-Star game with Matt, after watching a Hooters commercial:

Matt: When are we ever going to go to Hooters?
Me: I dunno. We need a babysitter for the dog.
Matt: You could work at Hooters.
Me: Yeah, that would be entertaining.
Matt: No seriously, Weezie, you have like the perfect personality for it.


Me: Did I seriously just get reduced to the girl with the "great" personality? BY MY HUSBAND?!

He's lucky his phone rang at this point. I was too drunk to put the pieces back together by the time he got back. But seriously, WTF?!?!?!

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Today's 070707. Better than 060606! That was the day before my birthday last year. Why am I even blogging about this?

And yesterday was "Poop Your Pants Twice" Day. At least for one kid in my class. Why so much pooping of the pants? Don't get it. I will spare you the horrid details.

We also made Play Dough out of peanut butter and one of the other teachers, who happens to be the only male, made his into a pile of dog poop. The most realistic looking pile of crap I've ever seen on a cafeteria table, for dang sure!

Back to writing... ONE last article for the month. I could, with 100% confidence, write "How to Clean Up Poop-Filled Pants" at this point in my life. Or even "How to Detect the Pants Pooper In a Smelly Room Full of Children". "How to Decode Waddles in Accident-Prone Children"?

Sunday, July 1, 2007


If I could change one thing about being married to Matt... it would be his mother.

We got baptised today, which was really cool for us, despite the fact that Matt had been baptised as a baby. Yes, that's great and wonderful, but the thing is? He doesn't really remember it. So he chose to be baptised again as an independently thinking adult, making the choice for himself. We did this together.

When he told his mom tonight, her response was "What'd you do that for?"

That woman. I need a stiff, stiff... drink.

And then she wouldn't even buy anything from my Body Shop party. Little did she know it was on me! Eat that.