Saturday, July 14, 2007


I was having a teensy bit of a bad day after yesterday's camp debauchery (kids + Friday the 13th = a mess), coming home to an empty house without power, followed by our cable going out from 6:30pm til 10am (which also explains why I passed out for the night at 7pm) and just being here by myself in general is kinda sucky... and boring... especially without cable (there went last night's Lifetime movie marathon!) But then... there was a knock at the door the a delightful chap on the other side handed me these:

Matt is wonderful husband.


Andrea said...

OMGBBQ. Those are GORGEOUS. I love them. Jigga knows how to do. :)

Why is the hizzouse empty? Is he traveling? Are you okay?

K-tell said...

Jigga knows, Jigga knows:)

He went up to Lakeside yesterday and is now golfing in a tournament with his dad and Joe. I'm fine now that the cable is back on!!!

Bryna said...

Gerbera are so sunny and nice! You do have a wonderful hubby!