Saturday, July 7, 2007


Today's 070707. Better than 060606! That was the day before my birthday last year. Why am I even blogging about this?

And yesterday was "Poop Your Pants Twice" Day. At least for one kid in my class. Why so much pooping of the pants? Don't get it. I will spare you the horrid details.

We also made Play Dough out of peanut butter and one of the other teachers, who happens to be the only male, made his into a pile of dog poop. The most realistic looking pile of crap I've ever seen on a cafeteria table, for dang sure!

Back to writing... ONE last article for the month. I could, with 100% confidence, write "How to Clean Up Poop-Filled Pants" at this point in my life. Or even "How to Detect the Pants Pooper In a Smelly Room Full of Children". "How to Decode Waddles in Accident-Prone Children"?


Bryna said...

Question: You made this peanut butter play-doh in school? You are allowed to do that with the big "peanut ban of 2006"?

Okay, maybe there wasn't a big ban on peanut butter, but I know that a lot of schools are going 'nut free' since almost every child in the world is allergic to peanuts.
I'm surprised!

K-tell said...

I KNOW! Normally schools and preschools and daycares are so anti-peanut, but not here. I guess we're lucky bc it's a such a pain in the butt to watch your nuts. Ok, but seriously! (I used to have a girl who couldn't even smell them without breaking out in hives!)

How is bebe doing? Give "it" a little rub from your blogger friend!!

Andrea said...

Waddles. I love you.