Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I have so many conversations throughout my day that I walk away from thinking "that's totally blogworthy" but then I either forget what was said by the time I get around to blogging (which is usually like 3 days later) or an even better conversation takes place and then I can't decide which is most blogworthy and then I think too far into it and then none of them seem blogworthy in the end.

But not this one.

It happened last night, a few Molson XXX's into the All-Star game with Matt, after watching a Hooters commercial:

Matt: When are we ever going to go to Hooters?
Me: I dunno. We need a babysitter for the dog.
Matt: You could work at Hooters.
Me: Yeah, that would be entertaining.
Matt: No seriously, Weezie, you have like the perfect personality for it.


Me: Did I seriously just get reduced to the girl with the "great" personality? BY MY HUSBAND?!

He's lucky his phone rang at this point. I was too drunk to put the pieces back together by the time he got back. But seriously, WTF?!?!?!


Andrea said...

No, dude! It's because we all know you look like Jenna Jameson. That's a given! The personality part is just another bonus. :)

I miss you guys! And I may or may not be free tonight -- but if I am free, I will definitely let you know! XOXO

Bryna said...

He would prefer to think about the guys looking at your "personality" and not your 'ass'ets.

K-tell said...

LOL, thanks guys:)