Sunday, July 1, 2007


If I could change one thing about being married to Matt... it would be his mother.

We got baptised today, which was really cool for us, despite the fact that Matt had been baptised as a baby. Yes, that's great and wonderful, but the thing is? He doesn't really remember it. So he chose to be baptised again as an independently thinking adult, making the choice for himself. We did this together.

When he told his mom tonight, her response was "What'd you do that for?"

That woman. I need a stiff, stiff... drink.

And then she wouldn't even buy anything from my Body Shop party. Little did she know it was on me! Eat that.


Andrea said...


CONGRATULATIONS on your baptism! I know *I* am happy for you guys. And so proud. :) :) :)

lisa lou said...

Dont let her get you down. I think us "Wifesies" all suffer from the same mother-in-lawitis, just with different symptoms. Hmmm, I guess maybe you should have had a cake for her at your baptisms and she would have been more excited about it ;). Congrats to you both by the way.

Lisa said...
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Bryna said...

What can I say about mother-in-laws... Luckily I have decent in-laws, I just wish my husband didn't want to spend every waking hour with his family. :(