Thursday, May 29, 2008


I promise as soon as I can stay awake past 7:30pm, I will update this bad boy. I have lots to share! Like all the hilarious things my preschoolers have asked/said/wondered since I told them I am having a baby. They are precious.

But for now, I have in-law preparations to take care of... and in no more than 29 minutes I will probably be asleep;)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Bah boom, bah boom, bah boom... at 150 beats per minute!! Hooray!!!!!

It was absolutely incredible to see, even though the baby is so teeny tiny and doesn't resemble a baby at all. It didn't matter because right away I saw a tiny little flicker of movement and knew right then and there that our babykins' heart was pumping away!

We had an adorably sweet sonographer who gave us hugs, coos, advice... and came bearing a peace-making gift (a Wal-Mart gift card that Matt took one look at, frowned and declared "Diapers".) It looks like she'll be our sonographer throughout the pregnancy, which is really nice.

I'm so glad Matt got to be there, although his eyes turned into saucers when the sonographer nicely explained "I'm going to insert this wand into your vagina" while placing a condom and lube on it:) I think she used the word "vag" at least a dozen times and I had to keep from laughing EVERY time. Alone I'da been fine. But with Matt around I can never keep a straight face!

So praise God, the baby is perfectly fine at this point. We'll have a follow-up to this appt. with our doctor on June 2nd to go over all the "results" but I think she pretty much told us everything today. Lucky for you guys, we don't own a scanner, so I won't confuse you with black and white photos of our blob:) If you're dying to know, google image "fetus blob" and you'll probably find an exact replica!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Happy Birthday to Weezies!! My sweet hubby is 27 today:) I think he enjoyed his birthday, although he says last year was among his top 2 favorite birthdays. I aim to please!

We spent the afternoon with Matt's cousins and their sweet kiddies. I'm going to miss them so much when they move. I'll have to post pics of them diving into the most delicious Cheryl & Co. cupcakes!

And now, a day early... Little Beansies as a raspberry!

Your baby is growing like mad, putting on about a millimeter every day and continuing to straighten out in the trunk. Though you can't feel it yet, baby is moving those little arms, legs and (now only slightly) webbed fingers and toes like crazy.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Wow, youth fundraising sure has changed a lot since I was a kid. When I was in school and fundraiser time came around, it usually involved an assembly of some sort, to explain the fundraiser and get everyone pumped and motivated. When I was in middle school the Backstreet Boys even came to our school! I kid you not. They were terrible and inexperienced and we laughed at how girly they were. Again, I kid you not. Little did we know what would happen in about 2 years...

Whatever the fundraiser-- wrapping paper, cookies, fruit baskets, mulch, candy bars... I usually rushed home and set foot about the neighborhood pedalling my products. After a couple days, it got old and the motivation wore off. My parents were usually stuck forking out the cash for my share.

Even though the neighbors probably got annoyed when they'd see me (along with 20 other neighborhood kids) coming, if they chose to support the cause, they at least GOT something out of it.

Twice this year (including about 10 minutes ago) I've been suckered into a flat out donation-- once for the high school band and just now for a youth group. They don't even bother trying to play it up... they just ask for money.

In the fall I felt bad for the band kids because it was hot and they were marching around the neighborhood in their uniforms, complete with the feather on top. And today, a chubby little redhead with braces who nervously tried to explain that his troop is going to West Virginia to fix houses in an old coal mining town, was all it took to have me digging into my purse for a measley 5 dollar bill.

And although I said earlier that I got nothing in return (other than the self-satisfaction, blah blah blah) I was wrong. My $5 donation entitled me to a Xeroxed certificate that reads:

This certifies that ______________ is the registered holder of 1 Shares of Stock enabling the purchase of building supplies for home repairs by the work of McDowell Mission in Welch, West Virginia. The hilder of this Stock can be assured that ______________, a student with Trinity United Methodist Church, is donating 30 hours of his/her time for home repairs.

In Witness Whereof, the said Kingdom of God has caused this Certificate to be signed by its duly authorized disciple of Jesus Christ and its Corporate Seal is hereunto affixed this _____ day of _____ A.D. _______.

He filled in his name and the year 2008, asked me if I actually wanted to KEEP the certificate (uhh, yeah! this is too good NOT to keep, honey.) and then told me I could fill in my own name if I wanted.

So there you have it, folks. I am the righful owner of 1 share of stock in the Kingdom of God.



My brother called last night to tell me he's moving into a new house about a mile away from my aunt and uncle. I am so excited for him, I almost cried. This particular brother makes a lot of my family pull their hair out because he can be so difficult, but I've always had a soft spot for him and could cry right now just thinking about his struggles.

I think I've always felt bad for his position in our family. He's the middle child-- not that every middle child gets jipped, but I think in his case he kind of did. Our oldest brother was a firecracker of emotions and downright mean for a good part of our childhood. They both played competitive sports and even though Mike has/had a laid-back, carefree personality about just about everything in life, Andy is/was quite the opposite. He really taunted Mike and wanted him to be competive with him. This often led to bloody noses, black eyes, and over-turned living room furniture (which is funny NOW). But he forced Mike out of who he was as a child-- an easy going, peace maker.

I was the youngest, and the only girl. I was probably a brat and whined a lot. But I was taken care of when my parents split up. Yes, it stunk that I had to move to a new school for the last 2 years of high school, but I was with my mother and she made me feel safe.

Mike graduated from high school that year and went off to college in Ohio. Andy was already in college (where my dad now taught) and living in Florida.

I've just always felt like Mike got left behind. From that point on, he's had no "home". He doesn't know where to go to feel safe, so he fills his days and nights with work. Occasionally he visits Mom on a weekend and they always have a really nice time together and he makes an effort to open up to her. But then the weekend ends and he goes back to his single, work-filled life.

I was thrilled to hear the excitement in his voice last night when he called to say he would be living so close to family. He really needs this. It just so happens that we are headed up for the night, so he's coming over for dinner, which makes me feel really good. I want Mike to feel loved and safe. I want him to feel like he is part of our family-- everyone deserves that!

I'm sick and tired of the rest of our family talking badly about him and not taking the time to really think about where he's been that has led him to be so distant. (There is MUCH more to this story than you guys care to read, I am sure!) We have a small family and there is no reason why we can't give everyone the special attention that they need to thrive and feel surrounded by unconditional love. Mike is a good guy with an awesome heart. But my family needs to take the time to understand him and think like him.

Hearing him talk about his future neiece or nephew proves to me, without a doubt, that he is starving for a family to love and be loved by. I really hope this move can help us all be a little closer.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


After a spur-of-the-moment text to Matt involving an empty promise to make it worth his time (paahlease), we packed the SUV and were out the door about 20 minutes after I got home from work... and off camping we went!

While it was lots of fun and I'm always up for a night of camping, it's just not the same when you can't sit in front of the fire with a Miller Lite and chat endlessly about things that are only interesting after a few drinks.

The other downside is that the rough sleeping conditions are magnified when you have to actually fall asleep yourself (without the influence of aforementioned drinks). I just laid there... and laid there... and laid there. It also did not help that sweetie packed 4 dead batteries, making the air mattress pump useless:(

I'm sure we've got a couple more camping trips in our summer plans, but I'd say that those days might be stashed away for a while once the baby arrives. If I could hear every word of the hissing arguement between the couple trying, hopelessly, to erect their "tarp porch" then a fussy baby would surely not be a crowd pleaser.

Everyone have a fantastic and safe Memrorial Day weekend!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


My appointment was cancelled:( Rescheduled for Tuesday at noon. At first I was really ticked off, but I think I'm OK with it now because it gives me 5 more days of thinking/believing/assuming I'm pregnant. And today it could've all been over.

Maybe not the most heartwarming way of thinking, but the truth, nevertheless. The thing is, after you have a miscarriage everyone and their neighbor pounds into your mourning brain that miscarriages are SOOOOO common. But then when you become pregnant and express concern about having a viable pregnancy, they look at you like you're some kind of pessimistic worrier that just needs to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

So today I am pregnant and barring any substantial bathroom catastrophes, I will remain that way for at least 5 more days.


I don't know what to say. I'm getting really nervous! 11:30, guys. I hope to have good news to share this afternoon...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


See that blueberry? Thaaaat's my bebe. Cute, isn't s/he? I'm 7 weeks pregnant today:) And I'd kill for a steak.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


As promised... yesterday's appointment:)

Dr. S is fantastic so far. She is so sweet and on top of things, which surprised me a little. She was very comfortable and personal... almost like a mother. Professional, but in a very relaxed and respectable way.

We went throgh my history again and it was so nice to see the excitement on her face when she realized it hadn't taken much time to get pregnant since I'd last seen her. She kept saying "I'm so happy for you." We chatted about vaginas and nipples and then she did an exam (but not before walking in on me naked while changing into the worlds hugest paper gown with a 20 foot belt attached. LOL, what do you do with that?!?!) She poked, she prodded, she smashed my girls so far inward that I think they inverted and poppped back out like one of those suction cup toys from the candy machines. But then she talked about Golden Retrievers, which, frannkly, sold me and made me forget about my aching cha chis.

So here's where it gets exciting. After I changed back into my clothes, she returned with a GIFT BAG full of knocked up goodies! And do you know that this woman is SO sweet that she offerred me her personal copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting???!!! I almost lied and said I didn't already have it because it was so sweet of her to offer. I've never heard of a doctor offerring anything from any sort of personal any collection.

I also found a pamphlet on the new birthing center at our hospital that makes it sound like Club Med, a la Logan. Umm, maybe I should just leave it at Club Med. I'm free on Saturday... maybe I'll book a room for the night.

So I have a size and date ultrasound on Thursday where I pray to God we will see the heartbeat. We absolutely should by that point in the pregnancy, so no flicker can only mean the worst. Please pray for a strong flicker.

After Thursday, my next appointment is June 2nd and then again when I get back from my tour de June.

Stick, baby, stick!!


Just a quickie to let you know that yesterday's appointment went well... I love my new doctor:) I have an ultrasound Thursday to size and date the baby, who will then be an actual fetus instead of just cells or an embryo. Happy fetus day, Little Beansies! Actually I think that might have happened at the beginning of this week now that I think about it. Already screwing up important milestones, this mother.

Anyway, more on all this tonight:)

Monday, May 19, 2008


Wahhh, I don't want to go to work. Some days I just feel like the kids are going to eat me alive. In a cute, 5 year old way, but still.

But I do get to leave at 2:00 today for my first doctor's appointment! The nurse said Matt wouldn't need to be there, but he has been so on top of things to make sure that he gets home in time to be sitting in that waiting room just in case we have an ultrasound. I can't do that by myself. For reasons I don't have to explain. So he'll get there after I've alreaday gone in for my appointment, but he will be there and that's all that matters:) I love him so much.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Holy, holy heartburn! Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I guess I shouldn't complain though because the morning sickness has only resulted in vomitting 2 times... and the nausea has only been an every-other day occurrence. I mostly have food aversions... things I can't even think about without gagging. And there are a lot of them. Which is why Matt found me eating a meal of potato chips (twice) last week. Hey, I'm doing what I can;)

So anyway, a little heartburn is a small price to pay for not having to deal with constantly having my face in a toilet:) So I'll take it and continue on this viscous, carb-induced heartburn cycle for now.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well, no more spotting! Yay!! I put my feet up and relaxed for the rest of the night and it was wonderful:) I really think it was the stress I mentioned. I haven't been that stressed during this pregnancy (which is a good thing! i must not have a very stressful life if it's been over 6 weeks since I've felt like pulling out my hair.)

I also decided against the ultrasound. I know the chances are slim at this point, but if there is ANY chance that the baby isn't developed enough to see the heartbeat, I don't want to put myself through that. I'd rather just wait a little longer until I know, without a doubt, that I should see one. I can't handle the STRESS and worry of knowing there could be a big problem. And since I feel fine (no spotting, minimal cramping) I'll just hold off unless my doctor recommends an ultrasound on Monday.

To answer a comment question, I'm switching doctors because my old doctor, the one who has done all my beta lab orders, was horrible during my miscarriage. She made me wait almost an entire week before seeing me (bleeding started Friday and I didn't see her until Thursday), was completely insensitive, questioned the validity of my 3 positive pregnancy tests, was so rough during my exam that the bleeding started again and then embarrassed me for bleeding again. Never offered any explanation or reassurance (about anything), handed me a brochure and told me to call next time I got a positive test.

So even though she's been great about ordering these labs, I don't trust that she'll continue to be this dependable. Plus, I've only dealt with the great nurses this time around... I've never heard from her, which I guess isn't too surprising. The only reason I didn't go through my new doctor was because she doesn't really do beta testing (she's a physician who delivers babies, but the only female taking new patients where we live) and is open to me going back to my old doctor for any "problems".

Matt and I are going to a campout this weekend, waaaaaaaaay out in the sticks. It's called Happy Ass Holler, lol. All the teachers get together at the end of the year to celebrate the end being in sight. WOO HOO!! It's a bunch of hippies sitting around a campfire singing bluegrass songs, drinking moonshine and homemade wine. Matt and I fit in like a sore thumb, but it's a lot of fun! Last year was the first one and we had a blast, so hopefully Matt controls himself a little more this year and I don't have to clean vomit off of our tent in the pitch black darkness. He'll be looking for a new wife and babymomma if that happens again:)

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ehhhh, spotting. OK, let me rephrase that-- Spot. Just one. It was tiny and hasn't returned, but seeing pink is one of the most dreaded fears of a newly pregnant/formerly miscarried woman.

A couple hours after the spot, I got a call from my doctor's office that my betas are up to 19,000 and the doctor says that's great, so I feel like it really wasn't anything other than lots of stress starting at about 3:00 yesterday and continuing all day at work.

Tonight I plan to relax and "put my feet up" like everyone always says to do. Is there really medical expalanation for putting your feet up after spotting or is it just a nice way of saying "lay down and move for no one"?

After giving me my beta reults my doctor wanted an ultrasound scheduled, along with an interview appointment (meet all the nurses and doctors), so we did (I didn't have the heart to break up today, after getting good news) and I'm kind of bummed that I'm leaving her because I'd be getting my ultrasound at 8 weeks. Who knows when my new doctor will get me one (although Lisa says I should use this spotting as a reason for an early one. hmmm, perhaps, perhaps.)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I had this all ready to post and then I saw that a fellow PL/SAL Nestie (My Dear Gherkin on my list) just found out that she's having TWINS!! Holy Molies!!


I'm going to miss conversations like this one when I move on to the nursery. (Only 11 more days! Where has the time gone??)

Kylie: Ms. Katie? Um, one time (inhale) I was with my mommy and (inhale) (gulp) (eyebrow raise) we were, um, driving in the, um, um, (fidget) car...

Darren: Ms. Katie. You know what I heard last night? I heard a tornado siren.

Kylie: DARRRREEENN! IIIII was talking.

Me: Ooooh, myy. Wowzers, Darren! OK, go ahead, Kylie.

Kylie: Um, we were in the car and, um, (inhale) (lick lips) and I was with my mooommmmy and (pause) and we were driving and

Gabe: Ms. Katie, I love you.

Kylie: GAAAAAAAAAABE! Stooooooop! I was telling Ms. Katie something.

Me: I love you too, Gabe. Go ahead, Kylie.

Kylie: and, and, and, and (inhale) and (swallow) um, and then...

there was a log.


Cheesis, today seems like it's gone on forever! When I think back to this morning (aka: the tip of the iceberg), it doesn't even seem like the same day. And in the end, all I can tell you is I threw up a few times, felt sick from about 6am-3pm, and just now, since I finally feel normal, I ate an entire small cheese pizza with no sauce all by myself.

But I vowed to welcome every bit of this with open arms. So bring it on, progesterone poisoning. Bring. It. On.

But be gentle, please??

And in case you wondered, chocolate birthday cupcakes are not pretty in their partially digested state. But the rainbow sprinkles? Are a nice touch.

Oh shut up. Don't judge.


Do you know what I did this morning? After spooning some pasta salad into a tupperware container for lunch, I promptly hoofed it to the kitchen sink and tossed my cookies. And now that it's all over (and I feel tons better) I feel a sweet sense of satisfaction:)

Actually barfing instead of just feeling lousy all the time... I'll take it:)

Keep baking, Little Beansies!

Monday, May 12, 2008


When did MTV become America's Next Top Model TV?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

5.11.08 part 2

Check out Madam Zaritska's prediction:

The day you deliver, outside will be sunny. Your baby will arrive in the early evening.

After a labor lasting approximately 7 hours, your child, a boy, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 8 pounds, 6 ounces, and will be 22 inches long. This child will have blue eyes and some very fine hair.

(I should probably add that Madam Zartiska is most likely an autogenerated computer database that mixes and matches an assortment of details... for free:) I would never pay for a psychic reading, although some ladies on the PL board got pretty accurate predictions from Psychic Brooke, hehe.)


Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies, Mommies-to-Be, Mommies-to-Angels!

Several weeks ago I posted a short little prayer request. It was pretty ambiguous, as I wasn't sure what to say or how to act after receiving news that my brother and my new sister-in-law were expecting a baby this December. Suzanne reads my blog and at the time I pretty much wanted to smack both her and my brother silly. Immature? yes. Unfair? Absolutely. Ridiculous? Probably. That's why I kept my mouth shut and asked, simply, for prayer.

I have been blessed with an incredible network of supportive friends, family and co-workers whose prayers have been felt since back in January when I first found out I was pregnant. I was wrapped in the strength of prayer in February after my miscarriage. And in April when my newly-healing heart was finally feeling strong again, your prayers were right there keeping them strong when I felt like this portion of my world was crashing down on me again.

Personally, I've been praying for the Lord to help me figure out what I was feeling (anger? defeat? frustration? jealousy? kicked in the teeth while I was already down?), deal with my emotions (it's not about me, it has nothing to do with me, people can't put their lives on hold while I wallow in self-pity), and to simply get over it. I needed to move on to being happy for both Mommy Suzanne and Daddy Andy as well as the sweet little person they are bringing into this world. I'm sure finding out I'm pregnant helped heal that gaping wound... Thank you Jesus for that unepexted blessing;)

I really am so happy for you, Suzanne. I know I wasn't the greatest sister-in-law (I believe my response was something along the lines of, "Wow, that's... exciting.") I hope you can accept my apology. God willing, we're going to have our little babies only a couple weeks apart and they'll grow up having a friend to play with at the beach, setting up tea parties with their dolls and giggling under the covers on Christmas eve:) I love you and I can't wait to watch your family grow:)

Saturday, May 10, 2008


WOW. This week has been all about numbers... all good ones, thankfully! Last night was our spring program at school. My class sang "Hallelujah Heart"... they were adorable. Anna sang her heart out while looking terrified under the bright stage lights, John Henry had the audience in stitches as he chose to make faces at everyone instead of sing (Shirley and I were so not laughing. He's such a little toot), and a little girl in Becky and Susie's class turned her polka-dotted hiney to the audience, bent over and proceeded to spank herself) It had all the required elements of the perfect preschool program!

I had been working on a quilt with my kiddos for the last couple weeks. The theme was "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and each child used fabric markers to draw a self-portrait on their very own quilt square. With the help of my neighbor, Vera (who did all of the edge binding, bless her heart), the quilt came together beautifully.

So after the singing, we held an art walk and auction. Our class project was the quilt. I was expecting it to go for $30 or $40. Fifty tops. Imagine my surprise when the bidding shot from $25 to $475 in a matter of a minute. I just about died/peed my pants/threw up/cried. I was shocked!!!!!!!!!!!

So my kiddos' quilt sold for a whopping $475!

We raised over $2,000 and can finally replace the gravel on our playground with rubber. (no more throwing, eating or pocketing rocks on the playground!) It was awesome to see the parents get so involved in supporting our school. So often all we hear about is the latest parent complaints, which always seem to stick in my mind more than the compliments. So to have parents basically GIVE us hundreds of dollars, on top of the already outrageous tuition, was simply awe-some. It made me very proud to be a part of my school:)

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today I graduated. I am past my miscarriage point from my last pregnancy. Although I feel a little sad, now that I think about it, that I seem to have put our first little angel out of my mind, I am relieved that today I am the most pregnant I've ever been:)

I told myself if we had great 3rd betas, I would force myself to STOP being so worried. It's not good for the baby or me... and it's no fun being scared all the time! So here was today's news:

12dpo: 122
14dpo: 350
19dpo: 3,324

Praise God! My doctor has amazingly ordered a 4th draw for next Wednesday (has anyone heard of doing 4th draws? I was surprised when she ordered the 3rd, let alone the 4th!) I certainly wasn't expecting another one, so for now I'm just continuing on in my happily pregnant state, without agonizing over what could go wrong in the next week.

Keeep baking, Little Beansie!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today I went for my third and last beta draw. I just love the ladies who work in the lab office. Today the receptionist got excited when she put my due date into the computer... she said it was the first new year baby she's had so far:)

Once I got into the room where they do they draw, I had a new nurse (I think I've had all three now) and she asked if I suspected I was pregnant or if I already knew. I told her I already knew, but that since I'd had a miscarriage recently, these tests were more for peace of mind. She finished prepping me and said "Well then, we'll just plan on seeing you in here a lot more! And we'll just leave it at that. How's that sound?" She reminded me a lot of my mom.

They're just so friendly. I wish that could be my OB's office! Or I wish I could send them all to my OB's office to set up camp there.

I asked to use their restroom while I was waiting to be called (I thought I was having a miscarriage at that very moment), and the receptionist said "Sure, but the water is shut off because it's also used for drug testing. You can use this sink when you come out." I thought that was a little strange, but then it made sense why I saw a man practically stripping naked last time I was there. On the inside of the restroom door was a sign for all drug testers to read. It's pretty hard core, that drug testing! They even had the toilet bowl lid taped down with red "Evidence" tape! Mylanta. I was careful not to touch anything for longer than 2 seconds.

So, on that note... please pray one more time for good beta results!!! I have no idea where they should be at this point, but if my math is correct (PAAHHH!) I think something over 2,000 should be good.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today has turned out to be such a wonderful day! I thought I was going to have an extremely long day, but since the power went out at school this morning, I was home by 11:30! I've been able to relax, eat lunch at home, get some writing done and catch up on a couple shows I had recorded. I am so looking forward to the month of June:)

A book I had on reserve at the library for over 2 months finally came in so I am going outside to lounge in the sun on our new patio furniture!! Today is great:)


Since I'll be gone all day and evening, I'm posting before work today! Here are the Success After Loss mantras I need to try to remember every day for the next 8 months (God willing!)

"Today I am pregnant and I love my baby."

"I am pregnant until someone tells me otherwise."

"My past does not dictate my future. A previous m/c does not mean I will have another m/c."

And this is the hardest one: "There is nothing I can do to prevent a m/c from happening. Worrying yourself sick doesn't prevent a m/c. And if (gods forbid) it were to happen again, I know I will survive."

"Just because something sad is happening to another person, does not mean it will happen to you." We all know m/c is not contagious!

-- "Hope does not make bad things happen" You cannot ‘jinx’ your pregnancy by creating a ticker, getting excited, or telling someone. Live in the positive!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Since I found out I was "pregnant" (still not fully convinced) my chest has been fixed in a permanent inhale... but today I can finally exhale a bit. My 2nd betas came back and they more than doubled, THANK THE BABY JESUS!

12dpo: 122
14dpo: 350

I am so relieved and for the time being, I actually believe I'm pregnant. I'm sure this will change around 3am when I start thinking about all the horrible things that could have happened since Friday's draw, but for now, I'm a happy 4 1/2 week pregnant chick:)

My doctor wants a third check this Wednesday, so I'll hopefully get that last little bit of reassurance until we can hear the heartbeat in a few weeks:)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


My boobs feel like 30 pound grenades. Or bowling balls. Orrrrr cantaloupes?

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Happy Derby Day! (My pick is Smooth Air... and if I may toot my own horn, I have had pretty good picking luck the last 3 years, eh hmmm.)

Matt and I are at my parents' house this weekend, hoping to get a glimpse of sunshine so we can take the boat out, but so far it's just looking rainy:(

We told my Mom and step-dad our big news last night. It was so exciting telling them in person! (Last time I couldn't wait the 3 weeks til our next visit and it all came pouring out over the phone, which was also very exciting, but nowhere near as special as seeing their reaction in person.)

We gave my mom a wee little Mother's Day card that was for Mom-to-Be, but I added "Grand-" in front of Mom. It was really written to both of my parents and Little Beansies had a message at the bottom telling them that he/she can't wait to meet them, hehe. The center of the card said "Coming soon: January, 2009". They both cried!! My step-dad is a big, tough guy so it was priceless to see the tears roll down his cheeks.

But the best part was when my mom got up to hug Matt and congratulate him (and here is a PERFECT example of why I love my husband), a burst of laughter errupted between them (they're always coming up with little snickers and inside jokes) and my mom could bareley get enough control of herself to repeat what Matt had said. Evidentally when she, through choked up smiles and tears, said "Congratulations, Honey" he replied:

"Thanks. I'm not the father."

That's so Matt:)

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Ick, the first of the month. I had my miscarriage on February 1st and for the time being, the 1st of every month is going to bring back the horrible images of flushing my baby down the toilet. Sorry if that's a disturbingly unwanted detail, buuuuut imagine having to think it and see it before your very eyes. Sigh. Moving on!!!

Because today?? I am PREGNANT!! And even though every trip to the bathroom comes with unnerving hesitation, so far I've had no spotting or anything unusual, other than minor cramping, to report. And that is a huge success in my book!