Saturday, May 10, 2008


WOW. This week has been all about numbers... all good ones, thankfully! Last night was our spring program at school. My class sang "Hallelujah Heart"... they were adorable. Anna sang her heart out while looking terrified under the bright stage lights, John Henry had the audience in stitches as he chose to make faces at everyone instead of sing (Shirley and I were so not laughing. He's such a little toot), and a little girl in Becky and Susie's class turned her polka-dotted hiney to the audience, bent over and proceeded to spank herself) It had all the required elements of the perfect preschool program!

I had been working on a quilt with my kiddos for the last couple weeks. The theme was "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and each child used fabric markers to draw a self-portrait on their very own quilt square. With the help of my neighbor, Vera (who did all of the edge binding, bless her heart), the quilt came together beautifully.

So after the singing, we held an art walk and auction. Our class project was the quilt. I was expecting it to go for $30 or $40. Fifty tops. Imagine my surprise when the bidding shot from $25 to $475 in a matter of a minute. I just about died/peed my pants/threw up/cried. I was shocked!!!!!!!!!!!

So my kiddos' quilt sold for a whopping $475!

We raised over $2,000 and can finally replace the gravel on our playground with rubber. (no more throwing, eating or pocketing rocks on the playground!) It was awesome to see the parents get so involved in supporting our school. So often all we hear about is the latest parent complaints, which always seem to stick in my mind more than the compliments. So to have parents basically GIVE us hundreds of dollars, on top of the already outrageous tuition, was simply awe-some. It made me very proud to be a part of my school:)


Anonymous said...

As a quilter, the winning bidder is so thrilled. To have such a wonderful memento of their child's year in preschool is such a terrific end of year present. The winner will cherish that quilt forever.
You are a special teacher to those kiddos and I know the parents appreciate your caring and love of their children.


K-tell said...

Thanks, Patty! I just started quilting this year and it's been so much fun! It's especially fun bringing it into the classroom and sharing it with the kids:)

Andrea said...

YAY! The quilt looks amazing and the kids are absolutely adorable. I'm so happy that last night was such a success for you, mama! :)

Bryna said...

Just reading this one... LOVED it! From the polka dot panty spanking girl to the quilt, simply great post. :)