Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today I graduated. I am past my miscarriage point from my last pregnancy. Although I feel a little sad, now that I think about it, that I seem to have put our first little angel out of my mind, I am relieved that today I am the most pregnant I've ever been:)

I told myself if we had great 3rd betas, I would force myself to STOP being so worried. It's not good for the baby or me... and it's no fun being scared all the time! So here was today's news:

12dpo: 122
14dpo: 350
19dpo: 3,324

Praise God! My doctor has amazingly ordered a 4th draw for next Wednesday (has anyone heard of doing 4th draws? I was surprised when she ordered the 3rd, let alone the 4th!) I certainly wasn't expecting another one, so for now I'm just continuing on in my happily pregnant state, without agonizing over what could go wrong in the next week.

Keeep baking, Little Beansie!


Andrea said...

Ohhhhh! I am so happy for you, HL! I almost texted you last night at like 12:30AM (it was so difficult to get any quality talk time in on the bus since everyone can hear EVERYthing) just because I wanted to know how you were doing. But I waited until I got home from the trip to check the blog instead. :) Lil' Beansies is growing and getting healthy & strong -- this is the best news! Will try to email soon -- love you!

Lynda said...

the more draws the more relaxing you can do! your doc sounds awesome!

have a great can celebrate being a mommy to a little blueberry!