Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Cheesis, today seems like it's gone on forever! When I think back to this morning (aka: the tip of the iceberg), it doesn't even seem like the same day. And in the end, all I can tell you is I threw up a few times, felt sick from about 6am-3pm, and just now, since I finally feel normal, I ate an entire small cheese pizza with no sauce all by myself.

But I vowed to welcome every bit of this with open arms. So bring it on, progesterone poisoning. Bring. It. On.

But be gentle, please??

And in case you wondered, chocolate birthday cupcakes are not pretty in their partially digested state. But the rainbow sprinkles? Are a nice touch.

Oh shut up. Don't judge.


Do you know what I did this morning? After spooning some pasta salad into a tupperware container for lunch, I promptly hoofed it to the kitchen sink and tossed my cookies. And now that it's all over (and I feel tons better) I feel a sweet sense of satisfaction:)

Actually barfing instead of just feeling lousy all the time... I'll take it:)

Keep baking, Little Beansies!


Bryna said...

Welcome to the joys of being knocked up. :) I barfed on the bus...

Lynda said...

dude, i want that to happen next time. my coworkers that have never experienced an m/c tell me to watch what i wish for, i told them that i'll welcome it w/ open arms b/c puking is better than a lost heartbeat.

i do hope it eases up for you but it's a nice little way for your body to tell ya things are working! woo hoo!