Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today I went for my third and last beta draw. I just love the ladies who work in the lab office. Today the receptionist got excited when she put my due date into the computer... she said it was the first new year baby she's had so far:)

Once I got into the room where they do they draw, I had a new nurse (I think I've had all three now) and she asked if I suspected I was pregnant or if I already knew. I told her I already knew, but that since I'd had a miscarriage recently, these tests were more for peace of mind. She finished prepping me and said "Well then, we'll just plan on seeing you in here a lot more! And we'll just leave it at that. How's that sound?" She reminded me a lot of my mom.

They're just so friendly. I wish that could be my OB's office! Or I wish I could send them all to my OB's office to set up camp there.

I asked to use their restroom while I was waiting to be called (I thought I was having a miscarriage at that very moment), and the receptionist said "Sure, but the water is shut off because it's also used for drug testing. You can use this sink when you come out." I thought that was a little strange, but then it made sense why I saw a man practically stripping naked last time I was there. On the inside of the restroom door was a sign for all drug testers to read. It's pretty hard core, that drug testing! They even had the toilet bowl lid taped down with red "Evidence" tape! Mylanta. I was careful not to touch anything for longer than 2 seconds.

So, on that note... please pray one more time for good beta results!!! I have no idea where they should be at this point, but if my math is correct (PAAHHH!) I think something over 2,000 should be good.


Lynda said...

hoping for a super high number!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Go baby gemini, go! Lets get some skyrocketingly high betas up in here...