Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Since I'll be gone all day and evening, I'm posting before work today! Here are the Success After Loss mantras I need to try to remember every day for the next 8 months (God willing!)

"Today I am pregnant and I love my baby."

"I am pregnant until someone tells me otherwise."

"My past does not dictate my future. A previous m/c does not mean I will have another m/c."

And this is the hardest one: "There is nothing I can do to prevent a m/c from happening. Worrying yourself sick doesn't prevent a m/c. And if (gods forbid) it were to happen again, I know I will survive."

"Just because something sad is happening to another person, does not mean it will happen to you." We all know m/c is not contagious!

-- "Hope does not make bad things happen" You cannot ‘jinx’ your pregnancy by creating a ticker, getting excited, or telling someone. Live in the positive!

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