Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ehhhh, spotting. OK, let me rephrase that-- Spot. Just one. It was tiny and hasn't returned, but seeing pink is one of the most dreaded fears of a newly pregnant/formerly miscarried woman.

A couple hours after the spot, I got a call from my doctor's office that my betas are up to 19,000 and the doctor says that's great, so I feel like it really wasn't anything other than lots of stress starting at about 3:00 yesterday and continuing all day at work.

Tonight I plan to relax and "put my feet up" like everyone always says to do. Is there really medical expalanation for putting your feet up after spotting or is it just a nice way of saying "lay down and move for no one"?

After giving me my beta reults my doctor wanted an ultrasound scheduled, along with an interview appointment (meet all the nurses and doctors), so we did (I didn't have the heart to break up today, after getting good news) and I'm kind of bummed that I'm leaving her because I'd be getting my ultrasound at 8 weeks. Who knows when my new doctor will get me one (although Lisa says I should use this spotting as a reason for an early one. hmmm, perhaps, perhaps.)


Anonymous said...

I think an evening with your feet up and your dh waiting on you is the perfect plan. I will think good thoughts for you. Keep baking, little baby.

Lisa said...

As one of the many "put your feet up" commenters today...I would just like to say that I believe putting one's feet up is medically relevant to all pregnancies dilemmas...a little spot(ting)...put your feet up, feeling sick...put your feet up...heartburn...put your feet up. Well, I am sure you get the point. :) love to you and BBC!

Andrea said...

Hoping that you're resting, love! I mentioned the spotting to the always-wise MommaFif, and she immediately said "totally normal." (I guess she spotted with me?) Anyway, I hope knowing that other peeps have gone through it helps -- love & miss you! Praying for you and your wee bebe. :) PS, I will call you whenever I have a chance to breathe! Promise!

Lynda said...

oh yeah, put the feet up!

why are you changing docs?

Lauren said...

I'd ask for an ultrasound, even if it was just one tiny little spot! At least it could put your mind at ease a little bit.

And put your feet up anyways! Make the hubby wait on you hand and foot! =D

Andrea said...

I'm stalking your blog for updates! Are you okay? I am praying for you & LB! (Oooo, I might start calling your bebe LeBron just because. Just kidding!)