Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies, Mommies-to-Be, Mommies-to-Angels!

Several weeks ago I posted a short little prayer request. It was pretty ambiguous, as I wasn't sure what to say or how to act after receiving news that my brother and my new sister-in-law were expecting a baby this December. Suzanne reads my blog and at the time I pretty much wanted to smack both her and my brother silly. Immature? yes. Unfair? Absolutely. Ridiculous? Probably. That's why I kept my mouth shut and asked, simply, for prayer.

I have been blessed with an incredible network of supportive friends, family and co-workers whose prayers have been felt since back in January when I first found out I was pregnant. I was wrapped in the strength of prayer in February after my miscarriage. And in April when my newly-healing heart was finally feeling strong again, your prayers were right there keeping them strong when I felt like this portion of my world was crashing down on me again.

Personally, I've been praying for the Lord to help me figure out what I was feeling (anger? defeat? frustration? jealousy? kicked in the teeth while I was already down?), deal with my emotions (it's not about me, it has nothing to do with me, people can't put their lives on hold while I wallow in self-pity), and to simply get over it. I needed to move on to being happy for both Mommy Suzanne and Daddy Andy as well as the sweet little person they are bringing into this world. I'm sure finding out I'm pregnant helped heal that gaping wound... Thank you Jesus for that unepexted blessing;)

I really am so happy for you, Suzanne. I know I wasn't the greatest sister-in-law (I believe my response was something along the lines of, "Wow, that's... exciting.") I hope you can accept my apology. God willing, we're going to have our little babies only a couple weeks apart and they'll grow up having a friend to play with at the beach, setting up tea parties with their dolls and giggling under the covers on Christmas eve:) I love you and I can't wait to watch your family grow:)

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