Tuesday, May 20, 2008


As promised... yesterday's appointment:)

Dr. S is fantastic so far. She is so sweet and on top of things, which surprised me a little. She was very comfortable and personal... almost like a mother. Professional, but in a very relaxed and respectable way.

We went throgh my history again and it was so nice to see the excitement on her face when she realized it hadn't taken much time to get pregnant since I'd last seen her. She kept saying "I'm so happy for you." We chatted about vaginas and nipples and then she did an exam (but not before walking in on me naked while changing into the worlds hugest paper gown with a 20 foot belt attached. LOL, what do you do with that?!?!) She poked, she prodded, she smashed my girls so far inward that I think they inverted and poppped back out like one of those suction cup toys from the candy machines. But then she talked about Golden Retrievers, which, frannkly, sold me and made me forget about my aching cha chis.

So here's where it gets exciting. After I changed back into my clothes, she returned with a GIFT BAG full of knocked up goodies! And do you know that this woman is SO sweet that she offerred me her personal copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting???!!! I almost lied and said I didn't already have it because it was so sweet of her to offer. I've never heard of a doctor offerring anything from any sort of personal any collection.

I also found a pamphlet on the new birthing center at our hospital that makes it sound like Club Med, a la Logan. Umm, maybe I should just leave it at Club Med. I'm free on Saturday... maybe I'll book a room for the night.

So I have a size and date ultrasound on Thursday where I pray to God we will see the heartbeat. We absolutely should by that point in the pregnancy, so no flicker can only mean the worst. Please pray for a strong flicker.

After Thursday, my next appointment is June 2nd and then again when I get back from my tour de June.

Stick, baby, stick!!


Lynda said...

woot! i hope thursday brings much joy!

now i'm confused, is thursday's appt w/ the new doctor? you wrote that she was surprised it didn't take too long so I ASSume todays' appt was with old doc.

correct me!

K-tell said...

thanks, lynda!

today was with the new doctor, who i met with in march to establish myself as a patient. so i'd met with her, but it was before i was pregnant. does that make more sense?! confusing, i know.

i did cancel both my appts with the old doc today and the nurse was SO nice. she wished me a wonderful pregnancy, which meant a lot. i wanted to whisper "get away from that mean doctor! come to my new office!"

Shanny said...

Oh I hope you hear the heartbeat on Thursday, how exciting! Stick baby stiiiick!!

Andrea said...

Dude. GIFT BAGS!? FREE BOOKS!? Are there also whirlpools and prenatal massages involved? This is awesome! I am so happy and relieved for you -- your doctor sounds like exactly what you needed.

MommaFif and I have already started praying for Thursday -- what time will it all be going on? I will try to text shortly before or after -- now it's my turn to give you one heckuva pep talk! :) Love you!

Lynda said...

YES! makes sense now. thanks for clarifying!

sending good thoughts for tomorrow too. this is really exciting.

Nine said...

your doctor sounds awesome! I'm sure Thursday will be great!

Lauren said...

Your doctor sounds so nice! I'll be praying for you and I can't wait to see your report on how beautiful that little flicker looked on the screen on Thursday! Stick baby stick!