Saturday, May 3, 2008


Happy Derby Day! (My pick is Smooth Air... and if I may toot my own horn, I have had pretty good picking luck the last 3 years, eh hmmm.)

Matt and I are at my parents' house this weekend, hoping to get a glimpse of sunshine so we can take the boat out, but so far it's just looking rainy:(

We told my Mom and step-dad our big news last night. It was so exciting telling them in person! (Last time I couldn't wait the 3 weeks til our next visit and it all came pouring out over the phone, which was also very exciting, but nowhere near as special as seeing their reaction in person.)

We gave my mom a wee little Mother's Day card that was for Mom-to-Be, but I added "Grand-" in front of Mom. It was really written to both of my parents and Little Beansies had a message at the bottom telling them that he/she can't wait to meet them, hehe. The center of the card said "Coming soon: January, 2009". They both cried!! My step-dad is a big, tough guy so it was priceless to see the tears roll down his cheeks.

But the best part was when my mom got up to hug Matt and congratulate him (and here is a PERFECT example of why I love my husband), a burst of laughter errupted between them (they're always coming up with little snickers and inside jokes) and my mom could bareley get enough control of herself to repeat what Matt had said. Evidentally when she, through choked up smiles and tears, said "Congratulations, Honey" he replied:

"Thanks. I'm not the father."

That's so Matt:)

Everyone have a fantastic weekend!


Andrea said...

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, I LOVE IT! I seriously chuckled out lout here in front of the computer, and I can't wait to repeat the whole scenario to Josh later. That is such a sweet and funny memory!

Have so much fun at MommaKirk's this weekend -- it's the first time Lil' Beansies gets to meet his/her grandparents! Awwww. Love you!

Lauren said...

I'm just lurking, but wanted to say that your post made me giggle. Your husband has such a great sense of humor! Congrats again.

K-tell said...

lurk away, lauren! he does have a great sense of humor:)

Joanne said...

LMAO! That is too funny!