Thursday, February 19, 2009


Dear Lilly,

Two months ago today I woke up in my hospital room to see a red-faced, sleepy-eyed, warm little bundle staring at me from her isolette at the foot of my bed. It's hard to believe how far you've come in 64 days of life.

You now grab on to everything your little fingers can find, whether it be the neck of my shirt as I lower you into the bathtub (screaming), my hair as you wiggle your fingers while drifting off to sleep on my shoulder or the inside of your sleeve as I try desperately to slide it over your teeny hands without hurting you.

The spindles on the loft and staircase continue to provide hours of entertainment, as does the ceiling fan and lights. Sometimes I'll turn flashlight on and shine it at the wall for your eyes to follow.

Your tummy troubles are much more under control now, despite your projectile vomit (all over me, thank you) right before getting your bath a few nights ago. Mommy still can't believe that the pharmacy made such a horrific mistake with your Zantac prescription. I think I will feel guilty about that one forever... yes, as you walk down the aisle one day I'll be thinking "Ohhh, the Zantac!"

Speaking of walking down the aisle... Mommy and Daddy have a few prospects for you. As it stands there are 3, and only 3 suitable boys for you to one day date and marry.

Daddy's co-worker has a little boy named Anterro who was born on the day that our first little baby was expected to arrive. Daddy thinks the best career path for you would be to become the first lady president, after marrying Anterro, and then Elizabeth, Seth, Daddy and I will all move into the White House with the two of you. And the dogs, of course.

Next is Mommy's dear friend Suzie's little munchkin, Leo. I know right now he lives in Los Angeles, but let me tell you darling, he was just signed by Ford Model company... and it's no surprise. He is downright precious. Plus, Mommy and Suzie have been planning your marriage for some time.

And finally, we have a question mark. A BIIIIG question mark, that is. You see, Mommy and Daddy's dear friends Lisa and David have been trying to have a baby for many, many years. They, too, have had many sad days in their lives. This September, they will be welcoming either a Little Lisa or a Little David into the world. If it's a Little David, Daddy and I decided this would be a fantastic arrangement. All of the in-laws would get along great and you will learn someday that this is quite rare.

So, my darling, as you see Mommy has spent many days dreaming of your future. I try to soak up every moment of the here and now, but it's hard not to let my imagination wander when I look into your beautiful eyes full of such potential. But no matter what, Mommy and Daddy will always love you. Even if you decide to become a nun and marry God. The wedding won't be quite the same, but I'm sure we can come up with something fantastic:)

I love you more and more every day.



Ashley said...

What a great letter. It makes me think about friends of ours that had a little boy in November. We also joke that our kids will end up together. I have to tell you that your finds on Etsy are great. I have also bought the little month stickers and yesterday after you posted the wall hangings you found I checked out the seller and found some that I love too. Etsy sometimes overwhelms me but not when you do the hard part for me! :)

Patty said...

I love the little socks and mary janes. She is so beautiful and looking very girly.
Hope the shots weren't too bad.

Bryna said...

Beautiful. Truly beautiful.