Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wow, you guys follow some really entertaining blogs!

Bryna and Christyn are hooked on Cake Wrecks-- Christyn starts each day with this little dose of hilarity. I, personally, enjoyed the Valentine's Day post. Bryna also frequents Post Secret, an oldie but a goodie that I'd forgotten about completely. Thanks for that blast from the past, Bryna! Check it out each Sunday. Chances are, you'll feel much better about yourself when you're done.

This morning I checked out Christyn's other love, Fail Blog for the first time and it gave me quite a few laughs. If you were the type of college kid who was always disappointed when your new textbooks contained only a dozen pictures and all those words, this is right up your alley! If you recall my Jane Austen post, I was one of those kids. And, yes, I was an English major.

Now, LeAnna here pointed me in the direction of Pioneer Woman Cooks, which I will admit, I had not looked into until I started writing this post. For no other reason than the fact that lately I hate cooking. To me, toasting an English muffin, spreading something besides grape jelly on it and pouring a glass of something that originates from anything besides my kitchen faucet is considered "cooking" these days. However, the name intrigued me and after reading about this so-called Pioneer Woman, I do believe I am sold. The unsuspecting, bombshell of a wife and mother spends her days cleaning poo (human and otherwise) and frying up "calf nuts" on her cattle ranch. If anything, this one could be a heckofagood read.

Ms. Becky (who will always be "Ms." Becky to me!) is a lova of Mimi Smartypants, who is one genious of a woman (probably where she got the name Smartypants from, no?) because this woman published a book of her blog posts. LUCKY! She's a hoot and a definite good read if you're looking for a new rib tickler to add to your list.

My own current fave is the blog of the MckMamma family. Mom's a crafty, innovative, photographic, Jesus-loving genious mother of 4 beautiful babes. Her usual posts are so inspiring to me. She takes incrediblly bright and exhillerating everyday pics and shares them, often accompanied by awesomeley alliterative captions. Every once in a while she shares a funky, crunchy recipe that I would probably never make for my children, but is interesting nevertheless. And the "Not-Me Monday" posts are worth 3 minutes of anyone's time. Right now MckMamma's little boy, Stellan, is in the hospital with a very scary heart condition that first showed up in utero, but then had all but vanished until about a week and a half ago. Her sweet boy is very sick and needs all the extra prayers we can give him. Please pop over and share some lovin' with MckMamma and her MckFamily!

Did I miss any good blogs? Do share!


Christyn said...

Thanks for including me in this post, Biggie :) I actually first check YOUR blog every morning, and THEN Cakewrecks!!

Alison said...

I love your new blog header!

I am a big fan of many of the sites you've posted. DH and I look at Cake Wrecks and Fail Blog regularly for a good laugh. We also like the Unnecessary Quotes blog a lot too (there's a link on my blog). I have read Pioneer Woman in the past and some of the recipes are to die for!

We are most concerned with MckMama's blog right now and praying that Stellan's heart is somehow healed. How scary for the entire family.

Oh, and I have you on my blog list so I come around whenever I see that you have an update :)

Jessica said...

love the new look! i love pioneer woman, too. i've been reading her blog for awhile and it always cracks me up!