Friday, March 13, 2009


Someone shared this article on the bump last night. It's a little lengthy-- 3 pages-- but a good read for moms who formula feed and moms who breast feed. It's called "The Case Against Breastfeeding" but really does a nice job of presenting research-based facts against fluff, in a fair and sensible manner. It may seem anti-BF'ing in spots, but in the end even the author admits to still BF'ing, so give 'er a read if you've got an 15 extra minutes:)

FF'ing mommas will get a chuckle out of the author's comments about stereotypes... they're pretty spot on! Evidently Lilly will be a dim-eyed little girl with an IQ 5 points lower than her breastfed friends, regardless of you know, parental involvement, life experiences, educational provisions... if only Mom would have paid attention to the La Leche League video of a magnified nipple set to classical music at Babies R Us that fateful afternoon in October. Shux.

Better luck with the next kid!


Newt said...

I'm BFing, but I also thought this article was spot-on. I read the whole thing, and sent it to Mr. Newt, too. Thanks for posting it!

I like BFing, but hate all the pressure and sanctimony about it. And when I give the baby the occasional bottle of formula, the sky doesn't fall!

Jessica said...

thanks for posting about the article! i printed it and will read it on my prep hour and let you know what i think. i'm looking forward to reading something that isn't condemning the way i feed my baby. i got a reprimand from a breastfeeding and cloth diapering mom at church yesterday. this post couldn't have been more timely!

jessica (jwally)