Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Lilly had her first fire drill today! She, and all the babies, did wonderful and were so easy going. I was helping the toddlers shuffle on out, but was able to get a peak at her from a distance:) My co-director took this with her Blackberry... good thing too because I was really bummed I didn't have my camera! (And I am so impressed with the picture quality... anyone have a Blackberry they want to donate to the K-Tell Program for Photographically Obsessed Mothers???)

The little girl on Lilly's right was born 1 day earlier, weighing 6lbs and has yet to break the 8-pound mark. She is soooo teeny. Sweet and petite!! She and Lilly have the same blankie, too:) It's reversable and Olivia has hers on the other side. They are destined to be BFFs;)


Trisha.R.Jackson said...

Nice swaddles! Tell me the secret to getting them so tight! I swear Delaney is a female version of Bam Bam. Even the swaddlemes don't hold her in. Our blankets aren't big enough either and the Miracle Blanket wakes her up constantly.

Justin and Natalie said...

Aww. Now I need a blackberry too. LOL.