Monday, March 23, 2009


We're back from Charlottesville! I wish I could share everything about the trip, but no can do! You'll just have to wait a little while to know what amazing, incredible, fabulous, stupendous antics we were up to over the weekend.

But for now, here are some pics of Owen & Lilly... birthday-sharing-cuzzies with more cuteness than their mommies can handle! And some others, as well.*

*You'll notice Matt got to try his hand at styling hair... my cousin Emily looks a little terrified! And FYI, that is in Suzanne's VERY OWN SALON in her house! I'm not sure if she would like her blog to be public knowledge, but if so, maybe you can, eh hmm, leave a comment so my lovely readers can link and check out pics of this creation... not to mention lots of adorabley awesome pics of Owen! Seriously, I felt like a kid playing pretend salon down there... only with REAL stuff! Like the cool hair washing sink? Mm hmmm... I even washed Suzanne's hairs in it. And it made me realize how self-conscious stylists must be about boogies. I would have some serious anxiety about that!

Update: Suzanne gave the OK to link to her blog... check out the salon! And if you live in the Charlottesville area, I highly recommend making an appointment with this talented lady! You won't be sorry!


Katie said...

Were you in Virginia and I didn't know about it :(

The Platt Family said...

So fun! I don't mind if you mention my blog.

Bryna said...

She is so adorable and has gotten SO BIG already. They grow up so fast!

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