Monday, April 6, 2009


On the mend, on the mend. The Amoxicillan seems to have kicked in and my throat is feeling better. I have an ear ache that I'm sure is a result of a month of congestion, but hopefully the Amoixicillan will take care of that soon as well. I'm so thankful that I don't work Mondays or Tuesdays. That has really saved me!

Trisha, let's shoot for next week. I might be feeling better, but I would feel much more comfortable giivng it more time. I don't want you or Delaney catching any of my cooties!

I have a favor to ask of you guys. If you don't already have your blog set so it can be followed, it would be awesome if you could! I have so little free time and rarely read the blogs on my list if I don't get an automatic alert that they've been updated. But I feel so guilty when I read comments from loyal readers and I haven't read their blog in weeks... or months... because it's not right in my face saying "Read me!" I want to read, I'm just too lazy and rushed to take the time to click through each one. Pretty please with sugar on top. Thank you:):):)

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Bryna said...

Love the new look. And your little one is SO adorable!

feel better