Thursday, April 30, 2009


I don't think I've shared what it's like to walk into Lilly's room in the morning. In one word, it's heaven. I usually try to walk in quietly and turn off the white noise machine (which I love, btw) before I say "Good morning, Lilly!" Once she realizes I'm there, she kicks her legs up and smacks them back down on the mattress. She gets so excited, her little arms start flapping at her sides and she takes about a dozen breaths per second. By this time I can't get to her crib fast enough because I know what is waiting for me-- that smile:) I peek over the edge and show her my face and there it is!! The biggest, gummiest smile of the day! I scoop her up and hold her tight, tell her I love her so much and that I missed her all night long. She barely moves, enjoying being cuddled up tight in her mommy's arms. I kiss her chubby cheeks, rub her fuzzy head, and squeeze her tight to make up for the last 12 hours.

That's the best part of my whole day!


Jessica said...

i completely agree! there's nothing better than first thing in the morning with happy babies. :)

Our Life in Pixels said...

I second this post and even though my boys are morning people, Kaity is THE happiest baby in the morning. Now that she pulls herself up, she is even more happier. I bring her over to her mirror and we say,"Good Morning, Beautiful!" She loves it! I guess that's why we say, "Good morning!" because it is good!

Trisha.R.Jackson said...

This is the best.